Option Traders Are Preparing for Month End for Ethereum!

Many companies spot Ethereum When applying for an ETF, the time it takes for the SEC to make a final decision for two applications is decreasing.

At this point the SEC VanEck and ArkInvest/21 Shares spot presented by ETH The deadline to decide whether ETF applications will be approved is May 23 and May 24.

Analysts and investors SECWhile I think the chances of approval for spot ETH ETFs are slim to none, ETH options traders are also preparing for increased volatility in late May as there is a strong possibility that the SEC will reject ETF applications.

Speaking to The Block, Wintermute OTC analyst Jake Ostrovskis said the market and investors believe ETH ETFs have a 16% chance of being approved by the end of May and expect ETH price volatility to increase at the end of the month.

While the SEC is more likely to reject ETF applications than to approve them, investors are actually more curious about the SEC’s reason for not approving ETH ETFs.

Because the SEC’s statement is important in determining whether ETH will be classified as a security or a commodity.

At this point, Presto Research analysts Peter Chung and Min Jung said the following about ETH:

“Market analysts noticed a clue in one of the SEC’s documents suggesting possible reasons for the potential rejection.

“These documents support the notion that the SEC made its decision on the status of Ethereum well in advance and sought to later legitimize that decision with the ETF decision.”

*This is not investment advice.

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