Apple announced new features for iOS 18

Apple announced new accessibility features that will likely launch with iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 later this year, reiterating its commitment to inclusivity and innovative design. Thus, it will offer enhanced user experiences for individuals with disabilities by using Apple’s cutting-edge innovations in hardware and software, especially its advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Eye Tracking for iPad and iPhone

Eye Tracking, one of the most anticipated features, allows physically disabled users to control their devices with only their eyes. This feature uses the front camera for setup and calibration, and all data is stored on the device, protecting privacy. It works with iPadOS and iOS applications, compatible with functions such as Eye Tracking, physical button activation and gesture control.

Music Haptics for the Hearing Impaired

Music Haptics offers a new dimension in music experience for hearing-impaired users. Using the Taptic Engine, this feature transforms sound into haptic feedback, providing a sensory experience through touches, textures and refined vibrations. This feature is integrated with Apple Music and will be available as an API for developers to improve their applications.

Innovations in Speech and Communication

With Vocal Shortcuts, users can perform tasks and launch shortcuts by assigning custom voices that Siri can recognize. Additionally, Unusual Speech Listening improves speech recognition for users with conditions that affect speech, such as cerebral palsy or ALS. This builds on previous efforts to support users who cannot speak or are at risk of losing the ability to speak.

Vehicle Movement Tips to Reduce Motion Sickness

Vehicle Motion Cues aims to reduce motion sickness by matching animated dots on the screen with vehicle movement. This feature uses built-in sensors to detect when the user is in a moving vehicle and provides visual cues that reduce sensory conflict without interrupting the main content.

CarPlay and visionOS Enhancements

Voice Control, Color Filters and Voice Recognition are added to CarPlay, making it more accessible to users with a variety of needs. visionOS will offer Live Captions, improved support for hearing aids made for iPhone, and other visual accessibility features.

Additional Updates and Features

  • VoiceOver: New sounds, customizable keyboard shortcuts and flexible Sound Rotator.
  • Magnifying glass: Quick launch of Reader Mode and Motion Detection Mode is provided.
  • Braille Support: Improved Braille Display Input, multi-line braille support and more.
  • Personal Voice: Now available in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Live Talk: Compatibility with categories and Live Captions will be increased.
  • AssistiveTouch: Virtual Touch Pad will be added for device control.
  • Switch Control: Finger touch gesture recognition function will be added.
  • Voice Control: Support for custom vocabulary and complex words will be offered.

Before WWDC, which will be held in June, Apple is expected to strengthen all these features with artificial intelligence within the scope of the OpenAI partnership and bring them to the AGI dimension.

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