CAPTCHA Verification Becomes a Date with iOS 16!

A brand new feature of iOS 16 has surfaced. By using this feature, users will be able to bypass CAPTCHA verifications on their websites. Because the smartphone will be able to perform this process automatically in the background.

US-based technology giant Apple, as part of the WWDC 2022 events held at the beginning of June iOS 16 along with iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. Users can experience these operating systems as part of beta versions. As such, new features emerge. Now it will make things easier for users. from a brand new feature we will talk about.

Websites have paid a lot of attention to CAPTCHA verifications lately. This is a good thing for them; for CAPTCHA validations Thanks to this, it can be partially protected from cyber attacks. However, users are now uncomfortable with the verifications they see on almost every site. Here, Apple will prevent this situation in new operating systems. CAPTCHA validations by devices will be performed automatically.

How will Apple automatically perform CAPTCHA validations?

With the release of the feature, Apple explained how it automates CAPTCHA validations. According to the statements made by the company; for this featurePrivateTokenA new HTTP authentication method called ” will be used. This method will be used between the server of the relevant website and the device of the iPhone user. a special encryption will make. With this encryption, the user will not need to manually verify CAPTCHA. Apple says the servers won’t be able to access the credentials, it will be purely cryptographic encryption. So also user data safe.


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Websites that want to take advantage of Apple’s new feature must go to a special website to be created by Apple. they will register. Thus, sites added to Apple’s database will not bother the user with CAPTCHA verification. According to Apple Fastly and cloudflarethe structures where this feature is currently available.

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