Bloody W Series launches new gaming mice

Bloody products, specially designed for gamers by A4 Tech, which has been producing computer hardware for 30 years, help not only professional players but also amateur players to provide superior performance in games with their new generation software as well as good hardware performance.

Bloody promises to offer a different gaming experience to all gamers with its W series. The new generation mouse series includes RGB gaming mouse in 3 different designs, W90Max, W70Max and W60 Max, and offers options according to your needs and wishes.

Bloody Gun3 Gaming Mouse Video Review

Bloody Gun3 Gaming Mouse Video Review

Get the edge in games with the “Secret Weapon” Bloody software

All products in the series have 5-level adjustable 10,000 CPI enhanced sensitivity and require different USB reporting rates for different games. The most suitable one can be easily selected among 4 different USB reporting rates that can be switched between 125Hz -2000Hz.

Another difference in W series products is the LOD (Mouse Lifting Distance) setting, thanks to this feature, you can choose between the LOD setting (1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm) that provides the best accuracy and controllability for you. Another feature that makes a difference in the W series is the AFC (Anypoint Flexible Click) technology.

With this technology, players experience accurate and smooth click flexibility, regardless of large or small hand or grip shapes. Double-injected keys, textured grips and rubber wheels give the series durability, firm grip and a better feel in the grip.

All products in the series are also RGB designed, include a backlight system and 15 zones. In addition, the mouse 16.8 million colors can be adjusted individually. With the various modes available in the RGB light library, you can choose between different lighting configurations.

Unlike other series products, the W70 Max has an extra fire wheel (3 weapon mode control) and a control button that can be switched between 6 different sensitivities.

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