Bitcoin and Halving Review from a Popular Analyst: “BTC’s Days Below 100 Thousand Dollars Are Only A Few Days Left!”

highly anticipated Bitcoin The halving took place over the weekend and my miners’ rewards were cut in half.

While the rally expectation continues for Bitcoin, which generally rises after the halving according to historical data. Charles Edwards, founder of Capriole InvestmentsA new evaluation came from .

Stating that the last halving represents a seismic change for Bitcoin as a whole at this point, Edwards said that the cost of electricity after the halving will increase with each new issue issued. BTC He stated that it rose to a figure of $77,400.

Edwards pointed out that the $77,400 Bitcoin electricity cost (the “raw” cost of electricity per block) is now higher than the spot price. He claimed that Bitcoin’s days below $100,000 are numbered.

“Welcome to a new era.

Bitcoin Electricity Cost is currently a whopping $77.4k. (This is the cost of raw electricity required to power the network per Bitcoin mined.)

This means Bitcoin is trading at a DEEP DISCOUNT.

Bitcoin’s days below $100,000 are numbered.”

Edwards lastly, BTC He noted that it is extremely rare for the spot price to trade below the cost of electricity and that it does not take long for this situation to improve.

*This is not investment advice.

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