Binance CEO CZ Strikes Back at the Allegations in the SEC Case: Slander!

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) lashed out at the SEC’s allegations that Binance.US currently uses the exchange’s cryptocurrency custody provider Ceffu.

CZ a recent social media in your postmade clear statements by quoting a user’s post regarding the SEC and Binance.US allegations. CEO, Binance.US Ceffu or Binance Custody storage wallets called never used and stated that all these rumors are completely fabricated.

The SEC emphasized that the exchange may be violating an agreement to keep assets in the USA by using Ceffu. On the other hand, the regulatory body, CEO CZ and other organizations led by on US user assets He claimed that there might be unfair dominance.

In the application submitted to the court yesterday, the SEC stated that Binance.US Ceffu Referring to its possible relationship with the exchange, he requested a court order that would require the exchange to provide documents regarding the organizations from which it receives wallet storage services and software support.

CZ, who clarified the issue and shared it for the record, said: These allegations never came true. emphasized:

For the record. Binance US has NEVER used Ceffu or Binance Custody. You can’t just make these things up.

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