Beta Version of Tesla’s Fully Autonomous Driving Released

While Tesla’s fully autonomous driving feature has been expected for a long time, the company has released the Beta version where the feature in question can be experienced. When we look at the videos shared by users in the beta version, we see that there is a more stable and fluent driving experience.

CEO Elon Musk We can consider the current leader of the electric car industry, which we know with Tesla, has been coming up with more Model S Plaid lately. Porsche Taycan Turbo The vehicle in question, which left behind on the Nurburgring Track, is still faced with the fastest in the world.

Of course, although we know Tesla for its highly-performance electric vehicles, basically what it offers is ‘comfortable driving experienceIt should not be forgotten that ‘ In this context, in order to increase the comfort while driving, Tesla has long been fully autonomous driving focuses on the feature. The company has released the beta version of the feature in question. Let’s take a look at how improvements and improvements are made.

Seamlessly crossed San Francisco’s world-famous curvy street: