Auto Gallery Employee Abandoned 110 Million TL Ferrari

A 24-year-old store employee in Germany had an accident with the 110 million TL Ferrari F40 he took to the auto fair, and the vehicle became unusable.

The F40 model, produced specifically for Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, has a special position as the last Ferrari model approved by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the company. It is unknown how many of this vehicle remain, which was released in 1987 and only 1315 units were produced. Ferrari F40 One of the last examples was destroyed in an accident in Germany.

The Ferrari F40, which was taken to an automobile event for exhibition by a 24-year-old gallery employee, crashed while passing through the tunnel in Engelberg in Stuttgart. After the accident, especially the front part of the vehicle received serious damage. Enzo Ferrari’s “the last masterpiece” The so-called model had a twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V8 engine producing 471 horsepower and manual 5-speed operation. Of course, it is a separate question mark as to why such a rare and expensive vehicle was driven to an event by an ordinary gallery employee rather than by a tow truck…

It may be possible to collect the car

before the accident for $3.2 million Even though the vehicle offered for sale appears to be heavily damaged, it may not have completely turned into scrap. Although there is no statement from the company called Mechatronik, which owns the vehicle, according to the accident footage, the damage is generally body damage. The front bumper, side panels and hood appear to be completely dismantled and scattered around the vehicle. Also, the front bumper is nowhere to be seen.

If the vehicle’s front suspensions and engine assembly have not received serious damage save F40 It may be possible. Still, it is certain that the vehicle will lose great value.


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