Apple Watch overtakes Casio and Rolex!

When smartwatches first hit the market, many of us asked, “Why should I have a screen on my wrist?” We were asking questions like these to the producers. In fact, the common decision that emerged in many technology blogs was “Don’t buy a smart watch, it’s a waste of money.” But something has changed quite a bit. Technology manufacturer Apple has overtaken brands whose job is to produce watches. Here are Apple Watch sales and details…

Smart watch sales exceed classic watches every day!

We also saw the first Apple Watch watch with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, announced by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook on September 9, 2014. At that time, technology was at a very different point for us. While Apple was trying to attract us with its unusually thin design and giant screen phones, it was also talking about a second screen that we should carry on our arms.

At first it seems to people that it is very unnecessary, a money pit, etc. The Apple Watch, which seemed like it, later started to see demand, albeit little by little. This increase, which flared up even more with Series 2, started to move towards a demand explosion with the introduction of Series 3. In the intervening period, Apple’s continuous progress with the motto of “make your life easier” and other brands constantly releasing new products within the scope of “smart bracelets and smart watches” triggered this situation.

Why are old items more durable?  Here is the planned obsolescence agreement you will hear about for the first time!

Why are old items more durable? Here is the planned obsolescence agreement you will hear about for the first time!

What is planned obsolescence? With the answer to this question, you will understand why old items are stronger…

When we look at the end of the day, according to the results of the survey conducted by the investment company Piper Sandler, the Apple Watch usage rate, which was previously around 31 percent, increased to 34 percent, and 10 percent of those surveyed stated that they wanted their next watch to be an Apple Watch. With these rates, Apple managed to become the most popular watch brand, ahead of brands that have spent years producing classic watches such as Casio and Rolex.

Finally, in addition to the watch survey, a survey was also prepared for iPhones. According to the results of the survey conducted among young people, 87 percent of young people own an iPhone, while 88 percent want their next phone to be an iPhone.

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