Apple Is Developing Its Own Large Language Model!

With the significant developments in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years, Apple And he turned his eyes here. In this context, it has already been known for a long time that the company plans to provide artificial intelligence support to iPhones with iOS 18. Some sources even claimed that the company wanted to make an agreement with some technology giants. However, according to recent developments, Apple is developing its own artificial intelligence language model. Here are the details…

According to information recently shared by Mark Gurman, a reliable source about Apple, the technology giant has started to develop its own large language model. It was reported that the company attaches importance to speed and privacy for this model.

Apple’s large language model, which will support generative artificial intelligence features, will not be cloud-based, unlike its competitors. This means that it will work entirely on the device. Of course, since it will not be cloud-based, it will lack some features. For this, it is said that the company will make a licensing agreement with Google and other artificial intelligence companies to complete the deficiencies.

What to expect from Apple WWDC 2024?

What to expect from Apple WWDC 2024?

Apple gave a date for the WWDC 2024 program. The event includes many innovations. Here’s what to expect at WWDC 2024…

The company is expected to make important announcements at the WWDC 2024 event, which will be held between 10-14 June. While operating systems such as iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15 and watchOS 11 will stand out among these announcements, artificial intelligence will not be missing.

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