Apple introduced three security features for iPhones!

Apple has announced three new security features for iPhone products, Security Keys, iMessage Contact Key Authentication, and Enhanced Data Protection, which will be available in 2023. The company announced that it made these innovations especially to prevent international hackers. So what will these new security features do? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Apple spoke ambitious for the security features that will come to iPhones!

Technology giant Apple, while announcing its new security measures, stated that it will not be affected by any hackers. The firm announced that it has introduced these innovations specifically to prevent security problems between the current government and the opposition.

The feature called Security Keys, which will be available to iPhone products in 2023, will require both a password and a Recovery Key when logging into users’ iCloud account. Thanks to Security Keys, only iPhone users will have access to their iCloud account.

Hidden iPhone feature is astounding!  Measure easily

Hidden iPhone feature is astounding! Measure easily

Technology giant Apple includes many hidden features on iPhones. One of them is the Measure feature, which allows you to measure height.

iMessage Contact Key Verification will allow iPhone users to check the Contact Verification Code of the person they are communicating with over Messages. In this way, both parties will understand whether the person they are messaging is really him or not. Apple says the Contact Verification Code must be imported into face-to-face or FaceTime calls.

The Advanced Protection feature for iCloud will allow those who want to access personal data only through iPhone. In this way, if the iClod account is attacked, another person will not be able to access the data. All three features will be rolled out in early 2023, first in the United States and then globally.

In a statement about the features, the company said the following about the subject:

“New security features; It lets you make sure who you’re chatting with is who they claim to be, and do things like lock iCloud accounts. Our security teams work tirelessly to keep users’ data safe. With iMessage Contact Key Verification, Security Keys, and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, iPhone users will have three powerful new tools to further protect their most sensitive data and communications.”

What is iPhone Recovery Key and how to create it?

The Recovery Key is a 28-character code that you use to reset password and regain Apple ID. For security reasons, such as resetting or forgetting a password, if the Recovery Key is activated, the Account Recovery option is automatically turned off, preventing any data theft. To create a Recovery Key, you can follow the steps below:

  • Settings
  • Apple ID
  • Password and Security
  • Account Recovery
  • Recovery Key

Do not forget to write down the 28-character Recovery Key after following the steps on the screen.

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