Altcoin Founder Paid Off His Debt to the DeFi Platform with a Payment of $10.8 Million!

Curve (CRV) Founder Michael Egorov has closed his entire position on decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Aave (AAVE).

Curve founder, who even faced the risk of liquidation in the past period, managed to pay off all his debts on Aave. Provided by on-chain analysis firm Lookonchain to data According to the founder primarily the DeFi platform To Silo Finance approximately $35 million worth 68 million CRV deposited.

Egerov, then with these CRVs from Silo Finance 10.77M crvUSD took a loan. Egorov soon converted the crvUSD assets he borrowed into USDT and used them to pay off his debt on Aave.

According to DeBank data, Egorov currently has $132.52 million across 4 platforms worth 253.67 million CRV guarantee and Debt worth $42.7 million is available.

Founder’s contribution to Silo Finance 17.1 million crvUSDto Fraxlend 13.1 million FRAXon Inverse $10 millionon Cream 2.5 million USDC And USDT has debt.

At the beginning of last August, Egorov closed his position in Aave in order not to be liquidated. OTC average via from $0.40 worth millions of dollars By selling CRV had come to the fore. Egorov’s debt, who made his first debt payments at that time 80 million dollars It was sailing around.

According to CoinGecko data, there was a decrease in the CRV price after the debt payment made by the founder. In the last 24 hours 3% depreciating CRV, while writing from $0.518 finds buyers.

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