Advisors Using iCapital Network Will Be able to Use Grayscale’s Cryptocurrency Services

Thousands of asset management consultants using the infrastructure of the financial technology company iCapital Network will now be able to benefit from the crypto money services offered by Grayscale Investments.

  • Wealth management consultants will be able to benefit from investment options created by Grayscale with a diversification strategy by using the network established by iCapital Network.

  • More than 6,700 asset management consultants working with high-net-worth investors are currently using iCapital’s infrastructure to connect their clients with a variety of investment instruments.

  • Lawrence Calcano, CEO of iCapital Network, “Advisers and clients looking to include assets with alternative* potential return in their portfolio are raising an appetite, and digital currencies are currently on the agenda. located in the centre.“* said.

  • Grayscale, which has 15 different products for crypto investors, reports to the US Securities and Exchange Commission for 8 of them and manages assets worth more than $ 40 billion in total.

  • Hugh Ross, COO of Grayscale, about their collaboration with iCapital Network, “In today’s world of trillions of dollars of stimulus packages and negative interest rates, those in the asset management industry are now using digital currencies. potential to protect against inflation. and The benefits of diversification they began to see.” said.

*Calcano used the term “uncorrelated” in his original statement in English. In this article, the term has been used as an “alternative” with the thought that it will not cause loss of meaning considering the structure of the explanation.