According to IT Industry Employees, Artificial Intelligence is Exaggerated

A research on artificial intelligence was conducted with 1,500 people working in the IT sector. This research revealed that industry employees believe that artificial intelligence is overrated.

Artificial intelligence-supported technologies have recently begun to integrate into our lives. Even end users are now benefiting from AI-supported technologies such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. However in the industry employeesthey seem to think AI is overrated.

A software company called Retool conducted a study on artificial intelligence technologies. Within the scope of this study, a team of software engineers, managers, product designers and business development experts was formed. 1,500 people was discussed with. Let’s look at the findings from this study together.

51.6 percent of employees think artificial intelligence is overrated

51.6 percent of the employees who participated in the research conducted by survey method said that artificial intelligence is overrated he declared. The main thing that causes industry employees to think this way is that the impact of artificial intelligence technologies on businesses has not yet been realized. It was not proven enough. In his statement about the research, Retool CEO David Hsu said that industry employees think this way because they cannot fully trust artificial intelligence.

There are several reasons why Retool CEO speaks like this. David Hsu explains that using artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT it takes time and said chatbots tend to make mistakes. This was shaking the trust of industry stakeholders in artificial intelligence and causing employees to continue doing their own work. David Hsu, the accuracy of the output produced by artificial intelligence not guaranteedstated that this eliminates its usefulness.

Is artificial intelligence safe?

The research revealed that there is a connection between positions and those who believe in the future of artificial intelligence. People in the admin sectionThey view the development of the sector more positively. According to them, artificial intelligence-based technologies will help gain competitive advantage and make more money. a significant advantage can provide.


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According to David Hsu, although industry workers are skeptical about artificial intelligence, there is a there is potential they believe. According to the research, only a small portion of those who think artificial intelligence is overrated, 14 percent, believe that investments in the artificial intelligence sector are excessive. Although the research conducted with the participation of 1,500 people is not decisive for the IT world, there is no significant difference between those who believe in artificial intelligence and those who do not, meaning that everyone has the same level of access to new technologies. you are not excited It reveals…

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