A Look at iPhones’ Third-Party App Stores

AltStore, which is currently in the approval process, offers 2 useful applications. Apart from that, “Why is the number of third party stores so low?” We also have an answer for those who think.

Revolving around the competition of the European Union DMA law, has been a thorn in Apple’s side for a while now. This law, which we can translate as the European Union Digital Markets Law, covers Apple’s Lightning to Type-C port caused it to pass. Immediately after this, iOS was allowed to install applications from third-party sources.

But so far, how to do this, Which app stores will be available with which apps?, their costs and limitations have always remained a question mark. The Verge’s news is a small look at both application stores and the usefulness of applications downloaded from these stores.

Emulators, copy/clipboard tools and more are on the way.

First to iPhone users in the European region The arrival of AltStore Waiting. This store, developed by Riley Testut, allows installing applications without jailbreak. Oddly enough, this store is a Nintendo emulator be delta It came out to bring it to iPhones. Currently, AltStore is in the process of receiving approval from Apple.


Delta; A free application that allows you to play classic games released before NES, SNES, N64 and Switch on your iPhone. You can use iCloud to flash a ROM to the emulator, or you can download the files directly and open them.


But Delta isn’t the only app in the store. Apart from that, it is a copy/clipboard tool. Clip is also available in the store. This application, which demands at least 1 dollar for use, always runs in the background. For example, when you copy something, if you are not going to send it somewhere immediately, that is, you just want it to be on record, scroll down the notification sufficient. For example, if you copy an address and scroll down the notification, Clip saves it to the clipboard.

“Why can’t the number of app stores exceed the fingers of one hand?” If you think so, Apple makes its app stores quite expensive.

App Store

As a CTF fee, Apple charges developers in the official store annually It charges 50 cents per download over 1 million. But developers of third-party app stores have to pay this per download. That is, AltStore and another application store, Mobivention. every time it is downloadeddevelopers pay Apple 50 cents.

Mobiventionoffers membership packages to overcome this. However, most users may avoid paying even the smallest amount for an application that they do not know what is in it.

How to install app store on iPhone?

third party store

To install an external application store on the iPhone, you need to confirm a ton of things. First, you open the link to install the application from the website. Then the installation notification comes. But before that, go to Settings and You need to allow the app. Then you go back to the beginning and click on the download link again, confirm the installation and finally you can open the store and browse.

The warnings in this process and the fact that the process requires a lot of interaction will turn many users halfway. We can see what stores have to offer just by looking at AltStore, but the security side of the business is just as important. What are your thoughts on this subject?


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