A citizen was vaccinated twice in Germany and 4 times in Turkey

While the importance of being vaccinated is emphasized by all media channels, it also fights against vaccine opponents. At this point, one of our citizens expresses his side in a very dark way. Meet Erkan Mısırlı, who was vaccinated 2 times in Germany and 4 times in Turkey, the fearful dream of COVID-19.

Although vaccines, which play a key role in controlling the pandemic, are reaching more and more people every day, this against vaccines standing There is also a mass. These anti-vaccine opponents argue that vaccines have chips in them, that we are tracked and even controlled by these chips. These are these people with their statements that seem strong but that we have not yet seen a foundation. persistently refuses to be vaccinated.

But the side that chooses to be vaccinated is not without its strong supporters. The subject of our news, Erkan Mısırlı, is pushing the limits of vaccination. Having been vaccinated twice in Germany and 4 times in Turkey, the Egyptian preferred to keep his range of vaccines wide. such that BioNTech, Sinovac, AstraZeneca and modern His vaccines are currently patrolling the Egyptian’s body, so to speak, 24/7.

“I recommend everyone to be vaccinated for a healthy life”

Egyptian’s why such a you want to mix You may be wondering. He describes his adventure in vaccination as follows:

February and April this year in Turkey. twice chinese vaccine became. However, this vaccine is not accepted in Europe. Testing is mandatory when traveling to Germany. Since there was no BioNTech in Turkey at first, I decided to go to Germany and get vaccinated there. Because there is no choice AstraZeneca vaccine They did. 2 months later second vaccine They made an appointment. When the time came, I went to the second vaccination appointment in Germany and got the 4th corona virus vaccine in total. Because there was no BioNTech that day Moderna vaccine They did. But my mind was always on the BioNTech vaccine. When I got vaccinated and came to Turkey, the BioNTech vaccine was released here, and I had it last August. 5. Now, when I got the opportunity in Turkey, I got the second dose of BioNTech’s vaccine. With this has 6. Some vaccine cocktail It was like, but I trust its protective effect. I guess I no longer need the flu shot that I get every year.


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The Egyptian, who turned his body into a minefield against the virus, has not yet seen the side effects of the vaccines. In light of the statements made by the authorities Let’s remind you that you need to be vaccinated. You can share your thoughts on the subject in the comment section.

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