7 Free Programs and Apps for Making Slides

It is necessary to make and present slide presentations, which occupy an important place at school or at work, in an impressive way. Welcome to our news, where we list free slide making programs that you can use on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

Whether you are a student or an employee, at various stages of your life, slide you have been asked to do. It is of great importance that both an assignment requested by your teachers and the presentations you have to present at work are prepared correctly and beautifully. For this slide The programs in which you will prepare the slides are as important as the materials used in them.

If you are not satisfied with the presentations you have made so far and you want to make new style slides, you can do this. different programs exists. When you come to the end of this news, you can prepare a presentation in the most appropriate way for your style. free slideshow programs you will find.

Completely free slideshow programs and apps

  • Google Slides,
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Online,
  • prezi,
  • keynote,
  • Visme,
  • Xtensio,
  • Zoho Show,

Cloud-based application where you can get your work done quickly: Google Slides

Since Google Slides is both a fast and free service, it is highly preferred by people who want to prepare slides. cloud-based Google Slides, a slide application, can be used by anyone with a stable internet connection. The great thing about being cloud-based is that every change you make to the slides is pretty straightforward. quickly able to be recorded. In this way, there are no undesired losses in the slides, and the slides can be accessed from anywhere. You can access Google Slides via your browser by clicking here. There are also free mobile apps below:

Ageless: Microsoft Powerpoint


The world’s most popular and well-known slide making program. Microsoft Powerpointfor many years, especially in the lives of many students. PowerPoint, which comes to computers when you buy Office programs, is now available on the internet. free can be used somehow. You need to have a Microsoft account for this.

For those who want to make their presentations interesting: Prezi


Prezi has special technologies that make presentations much more interesting. Various animations Prezi, which makes presentations more catchy and entertaining with Zoom Reveal With its feature, it provides the most important information to be displayed on the screen. Prezi, which includes paid themes, also offers various themes for free.

For those looking for a fast and stable program: Keynote

Basic version of Keynote, just like Microsoft Powerpoint is now free on Windows Mac and iOS available to its users free of charge. Keynote, which is a very fast and stable program, also allows collaboration with people who prefer to use Microsoft Powerpoint.

You can use online: Visme

Visme, online A slide making program that can be used. Visme, which enables both non-designers and professionals to prepare beautiful and interactive presentations, offers different features compared to other programs. Visme gives its users a free 100 MB storage space and the opportunity to share presentations.

With its simple interface and functional design: Xtensio

xtensioliterally a website builder design skills and a slideshow program that combines the functionality of a content editor. Although it has a simple interface, Xtensio, which is a very functional program, can be used for free and paid. The program also has its own ready-made templates. The only thing that makes users unhappy is Xtensio. single user account usable by.

Cloud-based application that lets you create simple and effective slides: Zoho Show:

Zoho Show, just like Google Slides cloud-based a slideshow program. The program, which allows users to create new slides, collaborate and easily share color slides, also has ten different language options. Zoho Show, which can work in any environment with a stable internet connection, unfortunately causes problems in environments without internet.

How to choose the right program to prepare slides?

Before preparing the slide, the program to be selected as well as the presentation you will prepare. that it matters too much we told you. Choosing the most suitable program for you depends both on the style of your presentation and on your working conditions. If you want to trade in the same presentation with multiple accounts, programs such as Xtensio that you can connect with only one account it won’t work for you. We have also explained in detail how to prepare an effective slide and presentation in our content here before. Good luck everyone 🙂

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