5 Food Types That Cause Memory Loss Explained

A doctor from Harvard Medical School has described 5 types of foods that cause memory loss. While it is stated that these foods can cause memory loss, depression and bipolar disorder when consumed excessively, it is recommended to diversify our diet with alternative foods.

It is an undeniable fact that the food we consume directly affects both our physical and mental health. But did you know that certain foods can cause poor memory and focus problems? at Harvard Medical School Dr. Uma Naidoo, explains in his book “This Is Your Brain on Food” the effects of the food we eat on our brain.

Naidoo, while saying that some of the foods we consume weaken our memory and 5 foods to avoid as much as possible described the type.

Foods with added sugar:

In order for our brain to carry out daily activities ‘glucose’ Stating that he needs added sugar, Naidoo said that foods containing added sugar overconsumption He states that more than necessary ‘glucose’ accumulates in the brain and this weakens the memory.

Frying foods:

5 foods that cause memory loss

Perhaps most of our readers will want to leave the news as soon as they see this headline. Because if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that fried foods are perfectly delicious. However, Naidoo says this habit is not healthy for the brain at all. In a test with approximately 20,000 participants, extreme degree It was observed that learning and memory levels decreased in those who consumed fried foods. The reason for this is that fried foods cause vascular problems over time and decreased blood flow to the brain is showing.

High glycemic index carbohydrates:

5 foods that cause memory loss

Naidoo said that carbohydrates with a high glycemic index have the same effect as sugar in the body. bread, pasta, white rice, and potatoes It is believed that processed foods such as In a study conducted in this area, it was determined that individuals who consume carbohydrates with a low glycemic index are 30% less depressed. Naidoo; she says we can have a healthier mind with green vegetables, fruits and whole grain breads and fiber foods.


5 foods that cause memory loss

Perhaps the least surprising on this list is alcohol. Studies conducted for many years, excessive alcohol consumption damage to brain neurons presents evidence that it causes memory loss over time. Naidoo points out that alcohol consumption should be as little as possible.


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Foods containing nitrates:

5 foods that cause memory loss

Especially salami, sausage and sausage The additive, known as ‘nitrate’, found in processed meat products such as, can cause cancer, memory loss and brain damage when consumed excessively. Naidoo states that in a new study, nitrate consumption can even lead to bipolar disorder by changing the balance of intestinal flora.

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