$1 Trillion Value Will Be Seen In This Altcoin, Not Bitcoin!

Bitcoin and Ethereum They’ve been offering pretty similar performances for a long time. BTC is up 25.5% since the start of this year, while ETH is up 27%. Judging by the peak prices, BTC fell 69.9%, while ETH fell 68.9%.

Despite the similar performance seen, there is a discussion that Etheruem can beat Bitcoin in terms of performance in the coming years.

Supporting this theory, Haseeb Qureshi argues that “any cryptocurrency If it will reach a value of 1 trillion dollars, it will be Ethereum” commented. Qureshi made this comment within the framework of “corporate investment” in line with the “environmental, social and governance” agendas.

In addition, the expert stated that it is becoming increasingly difficult for institutions to justify Bitcoin as an investment.

Another argument is that Ethereum is predominantly aligned with the US Office of Foreign Assets Control. The argument is that this is also a facilitating feature to enter markets.

Ethereum Is Much More Sustainable

In addition to all these discussions, it would be wrong to say that the Bitcoin mining mechanism is sustainable. The latest report of the “Mining Council” stated that the energy mix in BTC mining is currently 58.9% sustainable.

Also, estimates suggest that Bitcoin mining could reduce global emissions by up to 8% by 2030, simply by converting the world’s wasted and dangerous methane emissions into 80 times less harmful emissions.

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