YouTube is removing Premium Lite subscription

YouTube Premium has become a standard since it entered our lives. We are all very used to ad-free videos, background playback and the ability to download videos. This Premium also had a Lite version that none of you knew about. YouTube made a sudden decision to remove this subscription tier.

YouTube Premium Lite only offered ad-free video and was half the price of a regular membership

YouTube Premium wasn’t the only way to get ad-free access to YouTube. The company also offered a cheaper option in some countries. Now, it turns out YouTube will be shutting down this cheaper tier.

YouTube recently sent an email to customers confirming that they were shutting down the option called YouTube Premium Lite.

Türkiye is next: YouTube Premium price has increased!

Türkiye is next: YouTube Premium price has increased!

With its statement, YouTube announced that it has increased its student and individual subscription service in the USA. Here are the new prices:

Part of the email “We are writing to inform you that we will no longer offer your Premium Lite version after October 25, 2023.” The statement is included. The company also states that it will continue to work on different versions of Premium Lite based on user feedback.

YouTube’s Premium Lite subscription layer was first tried in various European countries in 2021 and cost 6.99 euros per month compared to the 11.99 euro monthly fee of standard Premium. It was not used in our country.

This subscription tier provided ad-free playback but lacked other Premium benefits such as background playback, offline downloads, and a YouTube Music subscription.

Either way, since YT Premium costs quite a bit in countries like Europe and the US, it is thought that Google will offer a cheaper plan in the future.

YouTube Premium has started offering new features!

YouTube Premium has started offering new features!

YouTube Premium; It is starting to offer new features such as co-watching, increased bitrate and video sorting.

In fact, YouTube Premium Lite was a system that would be very popular, especially in our country. What are you thinking? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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