XRP Continues Its Moves That Frighten Whales: What Do The Latest Developments Mean?

XRP While it has exhibited quite remarkable movements recently, it continued these activities today. According to on-chain data, a whale attracted attention by transferring more than 46 million tokens to central exchanges. The price had started a downward trend before this move.

Whale Alert recently detailed whale transfers. Among all these transactions, the data of two whales were the ones that attracted the most attention.

The first transaction was made by an unknown wallet named 4wf7enWPx…5XgwHh4Rzn and 25.10 million XRP was transferred to Bitstamp, a centralized exchange. The amount of tokens transferred to Bitstamp has a total value of $15.29 million.

In addition, the second transaction that caught the attention of industry participants was the transfer of 18.50 million XRP to another exchange, Bitso. As we reported as Koinfinans.com, it was noted that the same unknown wallet mentioned above transferred its assets to Bitso.

After XRP was transferred to exchanges, the token price also recorded a slight decrease. The price decline witnessed by XRP is quite in line with the recent transfer of the asset to centralized exchanges.

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At the time of writing, the XRP price was recorded at $0.6053, experiencing a slight decrease of 0.51% in the last 24 hours. Additionally, the token recorded a slight decline of 1.06% last week and a monthly decline of 4.28%.

Additionally, Dark Defender, one of the industry’s leading crypto analysts, stated that the community expects the asset to complete Wave 1, reaching $0.66 on November 24. Later, Wave 1 reached $0.64 on November 26. Moreover, Ripple community expected a pullback after Wave 1 and retreated to $0.5. However, even though the price is currently targeting $0.75, things are not looking very positive.

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