Xiaomi President Explains Why Prices Are Increasing

Explanations were made about why Xiaomi’s smartphone prices have increased. Statements made by Xiaomi President Wang Xiang revealed that price increases will continue. So what’s going on on the Xiaomi front?

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has been known for its smartphones that offer high performance at an affordable price in recent years. Actually, it was. The company sells smartphones with up-to-date hardware. cheaper than its competitors It created an unprecedented competitive environment. However, this situation has changed recently. For example, those who entered Turkey last week Turkey price of Xiaomi 12 and 12 Prowas competing with the flagship phones of Apple and Samsung. A similar situation occurred in another news we shared with you yesterday. The company launched its high-end smartphone, POCO F4 GT, in Turkey. announced that it will sell for the same price as the iPhone 13 mini.

So why is this happening? Xiaomi, who rewrote the book of the price / performance ratio, so to speak, suddenly what happened Did they raise their prices that much? Xiaomi President Wang Xiang, who made evaluations on the agenda at the event of publishing the financial situation report for the first quarter of 2022, answered this question that everyone was curious about. All together, whether the answer will satisfy the consumers, with changes in sales figures We’ll see…

According to Xiaomi’s financial report, prices increased by 14.1 percent

The financial situation report announced by Xiaomi shows that smartphone prices increased by 14.1 percent. revealed. So Xiaomi also accepted the price increases, and Wang Xiang explained exactly why. Xiang, who had a very clear demeanor, said, “We need higher end hardware to bring the latest technologies to phones. Therefore, the average selling price of mobile phones will continue to increase.“. In other words, according to the Xiaomi president, the reason for the price increases is for new generation technologies. equipment like never before they have to be strengthened.


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According to Chairman Wang Xiang, Xiaomi’s work will continue without slowing down. The company also mid-upper segment phones will increase its efforts. From this description, you can understand that the smartphones that Xiaomi will release in the future will also be high-priced. Meanwhile; According to Xiang, price increases are not just a situation on the Xiaomi front. head of xiaomi, across the Chinese market He argues that price increases…

So what do you think about this? If Xiaomi’s prices continue to rise like this, would you buy Xiaomi and its sub-brands instead of well-established companies like Samsung or Apple?

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