Xbox May Release a Disc-less and White Series X Console

The fact that the new model is white rather than discless seems to draw attention.

The new generation consoles have recently been criticized harshly by gamers and industry insiders. It would not be wrong to say that the reason behind this is that there are only a handful of productions that will show the capabilities of the consoles. Again Xbox Series X, Switch and PlayStation 5 We see that consoles continue to sell.

The fact that users are abandoning boxed games and turning to digital games causes console manufacturers to offer a discless version in addition to the main console. Unsurprisingly, these versions are also achieving very solid sales numbers. Playstation He had already done this. But on the Xbox side from Series S beyond We couldn’t see it.

Now this seems to be changing.

Because, according to claims originating from Exputer, Microsoft will launch a completely digital, diskless and white product in June or July. Series X plans to release the model. Previously in the Microsoft and FTC case, a diskless Series X This development is not surprising since we have seen the concept. But undoubtedly, the white color will stand out.

With this discless version codenamed Brooklin Microsoftaims to offer 15 percent power savings and a standby mode that consumes less power. Of course, the new model is expected to be more budget-friendly. In this case, the new model for $499 It is estimated to be $50 to $100 cheaper than the standard Series X sold.

What do you think the price of the discless and white Series X model will be if it comes to our country?


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