X Will Warn the User Restricted Due to His Shares

Elon Musk kept a promise he made about X. A new era is beginning for “secret ban”, which is among the biggest problems on the platform. The user will now be notified immediately if he/she is restricted for any reason.

The world’s most popular microblogging platform is on X a new era about to start. Andrea Conway, one of the designers of the platform, officially announced a new feature that will be available in X. explained. The upcoming new feature reveals that transparency on the platform will be increased.

Internet users may sometimes be subject to hidden restrictions. “shadowbanningThis situation, also known as ” (hidden banning), means that users’ visibility is reduced due to some of their posts. This is exactly what the new feature coming to X is about. The platform will ban users who are exposed to shadowbanning in the near future. will inform. In this way, the user will see what he did wrong and whether he is subject to restrictions.

This is what X’s new feature will look like:

Users will be able to access the feature when it becomes available. on notification page They will be able to see some announcements. These announcements, in their simplest terms, will inform you that the user has been exposed to shadowbanning. The user who touches the notification will see a text explaining why he/she is subject to such a restriction. When the account owner thinks the decision is wrong in objection can be found.


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In fact, X has been shadowbanning since before it was called Twitter. However, the user aware of this it wasn’t happening. The decrease in the viewing and interaction level of the posts made the user suspicious, but no result was achieved. This situation will change with the new feature of X. Meanwhile; We should point out that this feature is not surprising. Because Elon Musk has stated that this is an important problem since he purchased the platform and will be fixed he was saying. Looks like those days have come…

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