Wormhole Attacker Takes Action: $155 Million Ethereum Transfer

Most of the $321 million stolen in the Wormhole bridge, which functions as a bridge between Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH), moved after a long hiatus.

On-chain shared by blockchain cybersecurity company CertiK to the data according to wormhole bridge stolen in last year’s attack on 321 million worth a dollar 120 thousand ETH $155 million portion moved to a different wallet about a year later.

January 23 in this transaction, which took place on 95 thousand 630 pieces of Ether decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) with one transaction OpenOceantransferred to . Entities that are processed several different times on OpenOcean first Lido Staked Ether (stETH) and then Wrapped to stETH (wstETH) converted.

Realizing the situation in a short time, the Wormhole team sent a message to the attacker over the on-chain in exchange for returning the stolen assets. $10 million reward and “unfollow” he offered. The team made a similar reward offer in the first days of the attack, but The attacker did not accept the offer.

However, according to data provided by Dune Analytics, the attacker’s large amount of ETH transactions caused fluctuations on the stETH price. The stETH price, which must be equal to ETH at the time of the transaction at a ratio of 1:1, Rises from 0.9962 ETH levels to 1,0002 ETH levels.

According to CoinGecko data stETH price at the time of writing from $1,003 is being traded.

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