Windows 11 received new improvements!

Windows 11 taskbar, Windows 10 seems to be a step behind in terms of usability compared to the operating system. Again Microsoft began to make various improvements. Right now Windows Insiders A new update tested by is on the way. At this point it brings the time and date back to the taskbar on secondary or multiple monitors.

Windows 11 The taskbar in it is not liked by most users. That’s why Microsoft’s changes like this make users happy. There are still many elements of the operating system that need to be developed.

How to create virtual desktop in Windows 11?

We explained the process of creating a virtual desktop on your Windows 11 laptop and desktop computer with step-by-step photos.

Windows 11 has also gone through improvements in the start menu!

Microsoft, Windows 11′It also makes various changes in the start menu. most recent Insider 22509 build includes the ability to configure the Start menu to show more suggestions. This made the menu a little more customizable. But many Windows 11 users prefer third-party apps here.

Windows 11, start menu changes

most recent Windows 11 update, MicrosoftMore to the settings app of Control Panel adds the setting. Microsoft Windows Insider head of the program Amanda Langowski“We have moved the advanced sharing settings to a new page in the Settings app called Advanced Network Settings.” said.

Pages in the Printers and Scanners section also received improvements. Some parts of Control Panel are now also Windows 11 it redirects its users to the Settings app instead. It looks like Microsoft is slowly getting closer to finally removing the Control Panel for the modern Settings app.

Features coming to the operating system will not be available for a few months

Windows 11All of these features coming to . are not in use for a few months yet. These are running Windows 11 as part of Dev Channel updates. Still, there’s a chance that some of them are part of the monthly changes Microsoft makes to the operating system. There is a possibility that others may be included in the larger update that the company is planning for Windows 11.

You Windows 11 What do you think about the operating system? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section!

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