Will Fortnite Return to the App Store?

Epic Games achieved a significant win in the lawsuit it filed against Apple the other day. The new topic of discussion on the agenda is whether this win will be enough to bring Fortnite back to the App Store.

Yesterday, there was an important development that closely concerns not only Epic Games, but also all developers. Epic Games, It won a major win over ‘alternative payment methods being added to apps by developers’ in its antitrust lawsuit against Apple. The court ruled that Apple cannot ban alternative payment methods from developers.

But this big decision, Epic Games He doesn’t seem very satisfied. In addition, the decisions taken in the case do not include a statement about whether Fortnite, which started everything, will return to the App Store. Neither Epic nor Apple have made a statement on this yet.

Apple can take things uphill:

With yesterday’s decision, Apple will no longer be able to prevent apps from offering third-party payment options. Developers will be able to add links and buttons to checkout pages and redirect users out of the app. However, there is some uncertainty about a comprehensive in-app payment system and Apple can use this as leverage is being considered.

For example, after Fortnite’s return to the App Store, Apple has stopped users in payment transactions. exiting the app every time It may force you to visit Epic Games’ website. This is a bit far from the ‘fair competition’ Epic wants.


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Apple recently stated that Epic is responsible for Fortnite’s absence from the App Store in response to another process for Fortnite’s return to the App Store in South Korea; Epic said that if they played the game like everyone else, they would be happy to add the game back to the store. Considering all these together, both companies are currently Big step to bring Fortnite back to the App Store It seems that this will not happen for a while, as it is waiting from the other side.

While Epic Games continues to insist and sue on equal competition with Apple, Apple has also persisted in adapting Epic to its own path. But ultimately Epic Games’ developer account The decision to re-approve and include the game in the system will be within the framework of the rules presented by Apple. When this will happen is a big mystery.

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