Will Bitcoin Investor MicroStrategy Announce Profit This Quarter?

MicroStrategy will release its report for the last quarter of last year next Thursday, and experts expect the company to report profits for that quarter.

IT firm MicroStrategy has made a name for itself with its investment in bitcoin over the past few years.

Based on average estimates shared by FactSet, MicroStrategy’s for the last quarter of 2022 $131 million revenue is awaited. The company had reported revenue of $134.5 million the previous year.

Despite the decline in income, MicroStrategy’s Net earnings of $10.7 million expected to be announced. In such a case, MicroStrategy It announced net earnings for the first time since the last quarter of 2020. It is possible.

In reserve for the third quarter of last year With 130 thousand bitcoins The company sold bitcoin for the first time last month.

MicroStrategy, which sold 704 bitcoins for $11.8 million in this transaction, made a reverse move two days later. 810 bitcoins he bought.

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