Will Arbitrum Continue Its Rise? ARB Analysis

Native token of ETH layer-2 solution platform Arbitrum, recently listed by major exchanges ARB continues to be discussed.

ARB, which started trading on the largest crypto trading platforms in the past days, showed a sensational rise within minutes. Under normal conditions, the price of the token listed on an exchange constantly declines in the first weeks, but there is a different situation in ARB.

*Although ARB has been opened at a high price of $10 on some exchanges, the information in this article is based on Binance, the largest exchange.

In this article, we will examine the current status of the ARB price with you.

ARB Analysis

Arbitrum’s native token, ARB, spiked as high as $1.50 in the first hours it was listed, but the ensuing profit sales caused the price to drop to as low as 1.11.

Despite the bearish movement, investors continued to demand ARBs from the market, causing Arbitrum to sit on the crypto agenda. ARB rebounded to $1.42 today after seeing a local bottom, gaining 7.85% since the start of the day.

However, the resale of the players who made a profit in the last hours pushed the ARB price to the $1.32 support.

Currently trading at $1.37 Arbitrum in support of 1.32 If it fails to hold, there are local support areas at $1.185 and $1.12 respectively. In an uptrend scenario, sellers may take action at $1,426 and the high at $1,545.

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