Will Amazon no longer make apps for Alexa?

Recent leaks show that Amazon management will stop paying fees to developers who make applications for the voice assistant Alexa. This decision, which is described as quite radical, is thought to be due to the company not finding enough interest in the assistant.

Some even claim that Alexa is slowly coming to an end. It is also said that Amazon, which is said to be aiming to open a special application store for the device, has suspended this plan indefinitely. Here are the most important details about the subject…

In addition, it was stated that the Alexa Developer Rewards Program project, which makes payments to developers who design special applications for Alexa, will be shelved as of June. The future of the voice assistant, which was launched with great hopes about 10 years ago, looks quite dark at the moment.

While it is said that the interest in the device has decreased noticeably recently, it has become a matter of curiosity what else Amazon management can do in this regard. There are also those who expect the company to revive interest in the product with its new generation artificial intelligence features.

It is said that Amazon, which was revealed to have fired a team dealing with the Alexa project last year, wants to shift the budget surplus to other areas. This news has put the future of voice home assistants like Alexa into a big question mark. We hope that all these developments will benefit users at the end of the day.

Huge investment from Amazon to artificial intelligence company!

Huge investment from Amazon to artificial intelligence company!

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So what do you think about this issue? What do you think the future of Alexa will be like? Have you ever used Amazon Alexa before? You can easily share your answers with us in the comments section below. Your opinions are very valuable to us.

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