Why Is Bitcoin Falling? These 2 New Coins Are on the Radar of Bitcoin Whales

The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, saw a significant decline of 5.60 percent in its price, falling below $66,000, causing a major disruption in the crypto world. The sudden decline left investors and fans perplexed as they searched for explanations for the dramatic decline.

Bitcoin’s loss had a ripple effect on the entire cryptocurrency market, causing other major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum to decline as well, with prices dropping to $3,235.

The main factor contributing to this rapid decline was seen to be the intense sales, especially on leading platforms such as Binance. Adding to the uncertainty, recent reports from QCP Capital revealed a spike in perpetual funding rates on these platforms, rising as high as 77 percent before suddenly falling.

There was a significant net outflow of $85.84 million from Bitcoin spot ETFs on April 1, indicating a shift in sentiment in the market. Additionally, broader global economic instability, exacerbated by higher-than-expected inflation rates in the United States, has further dampened hopes for looser monetary policies and rate cuts.

While all this was happening, Slothana and Dogecoin20 projects managed to get on the whales’ radar.

Slothana (SLOTH) Coin Became a Big Hit in a Short Time

Slothana (SLOTH), a new addition to the meme coin environment, has achieved great success. The project managed to raise a staggering $6.4 million in funds in a relatively short period of a week, thanks to the increase in Slothana coin purchases.

Imitating the strategies of famous players such as Book of Meme (BOME) and Slerf (SLERF), Slothana has only a single-level price system and offers many purchasing options.

Investors have the option to transfer SOL to the project’s wallet address or use the Slothana website, link their wallet and purchase Slothana coins directly.

Distribution of tokens will take place after the conclusion of the pre-sale. However, a significant portion of the success is attributed to a deep sense of FOMO, with no predetermined maximum limits announced. As a result, the ICO has the potential to end abruptly and requires potential buyers to act quickly.

However, there are other factors creating excitement throughout society. There are rumors suggesting that Slothana’s founding team is the same team that started Smog.

Smog’s level had increased 100-fold when it was launched in February, reaching a market value of approximately $200 million. If the rumors are true, it looks like this will have a very positive impact on SLOTH’s value.

But other than that, Slothana provides very limited information about itself. The website’s headline says “From $420 to $420 million with Slothana” and encourages viewers to “Embrace the lazy life; Let your SOL rise with Slothana!” he encourages.

The ability to raise such a significant amount of money in a limited time frame demonstrates a strong and unequivocal endorsement from the investment community. It is also worth noting that the total amount raised exceeds that of the highly successful Solana pre-sale phenomenon Book of Meme.

However, considering that the pre-sale may end at any time, interested people are advised to take action not to miss the opportunity.

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) Prepares for DOGE Day Launch After Presale of Over $10 Million

The new cryptocurrency Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) capitalizes on the current enthusiasm surrounding Dogecoin by providing staking rewards, a limited amount, and a strong emphasis on philanthropic initiatives. After more than $10 million was collected in the pre-sale, the pre-sale Dogecoin20 token purchases ended, but the team carried out a final stage. In this still ongoing phase, 1 DOGE20, which can be purchased for $ 0.00022, will be released on International Doge Day.

The meme coin phenomenon continues to fascinate the cryptocurrency world in 2024. After witnessing the notable successes of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), whales are actively searching the digital space for the next significant opportunity. Dogecoin20 (DOGE20), an innovative cryptocurrency with great potential and promising features that combines meme elements, is among the most important discoveries of recent weeks.

However, amid unpredictable changes in the market, investors are actively pursuing small-cap alternative cryptocurrency projects in the field of DOGE-inspired meme coins. These projects have the capacity to replicate the success of previous versions while generating significant profits in the future.

Dogecoin20 is an innovative cryptocurrency that aims to capitalize on the current excitement around meme coins, while also incorporating distinctive features and promoting long-term viability. Its emergence marks a transition in the meme coin season, as popular projects are now focused on more than gaining popularity and include practical functionality.

Given the widespread interest and unwavering optimism surrounding Dogecoin20, the project is poised for a potentially spectacular launch on decentralized exchanges. The window of opportunity to acquire DOGE20 tokens at a discounted pre-sale price is rapidly narrowing.

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