Why Do Women Get Very Hungry During Their Menstrual Periods?

You know, sometimes when you wake up, you want to consume a ton of sweet products as if you were in a diabetic coma, but this is exactly what happens to women during their menstrual period. So, is it normal to feel so hungry during or just before your period?

Let’s face it, the menstrual period can be tiring for women. Besides the pain An unceasing feeling of hunger can push the limits.

However, this situation also There is an explanation in science. So let’s take you down.

It is normal and common to feel hungrier before and during your period.

during menstruation Your progesterone hormone increases and your estrogen levels decrease. Hormonal changes can make you more tired and emotional.

These hormones regulate your feelings of hunger and fullness. It can affect the hormones ghrelin and leptin. The effect of estrogen and progesterone on these hormones can cause changes in your hunger and appetite.

In addition to hormonal fluctuations, mood swings, irritability and anxiety can also affect your eating behaviors.

Research shows that your metabolic rate may increase during menstruation. After all, this period involves the removal of uterine lining and this process requires extra energy.

In this process, it will provide the nutrients the body needs consuming balanced meals It is important.

But how is the craving for certain foods explained?

Fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels, carbohydrate and your cravings for certain foods, such as sweets It can trigger.

Your body may also experience a temporary decrease in some nutrients, such as magnesium. This craving for certain foods causes the body to efforts to regain nutrients can reflect.

So what we actually mean is Everything is progressing according to the process. This situation is not unique to you. 🙂

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