Why Do We Stretch When We Wake Up In The Morning? It Affects Our Whole Day!

What would your answer be if I asked you what we are doing as soon as you wake up in the morning? Okay, the first thing is to check your phone, but I’m sure the second thing is a good stretch.

So why do we do this instinctive movement? Actually this problem The answer is not based on a single reason.

For spontaneous stretching both a physical and mental stimulant we can say. Let’s start the review.

The first reason is to accelerate the body’s blood circulation.

Staying in the same position for a long time while sleeping Our body’s blood circulation also slows down. Thanks to the stretching movement, we lengthen our muscles and move our body. In this way, we accelerate our blood circulation and ensure that more oxygen is carried to the muscles. More briefly, at rest we activate our muscles and we activate it.

There is a second dimension to this situation. You may experience muscle pain from time to time when you wake up. Most of these muscle pains occur due to staying in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Stretching at this pointto reduce tension It also helps.

Another reason is to inform our body that it is now awake.

woman stretching

In other words, it is the state of transition from the resting state to the active state, which we mentioned above. Stretching reminds our brain that we are awake and We need to increase our attention level gives the message. By increasing body temperature and heart rate, we move from a state of sleep to a state of wakefulness.

In my opinion, the third and most important reason is:

woman stretching

Physical activities among the public endorphin, also called the ‘happiness hormone’ Most of us know that it secretes. As we said in the lines above, stretching in the morning allows the muscles to lengthen and our body to take action. Physical activity, even if it’s small, helps release endorphins, which can create feelings of relaxation and well-being, even on mornings when our body’s stress levels are high.

Of course, all the situations we mentioned above in seconds It happens instinctively. But these are the underlying reasons why stretching feels good.

Speaking of the importance of physical activity, we know that it is not easy, but our advice is to start the day by exercising when we wake up in the morning.

Of course, I’m not talking about going to the gym and working out on the treadmill or under weights, it’s simple. Even stretching movements will be beneficial. Even though it may be difficult to gain this habit at first, you will wake up more refreshed over time, thanks to small exercises that help regulate the blood flow in your body. that you had a fitter day you will feel it.

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