Why Do Dolphins Sometimes Swim Ahead of Ships?

Maybe you witnessed it firsthand or watched it on screen. Dolphins, the mysterious inhabitants of the seas, sometimes choose their route in front of ships while swimming on the water as if dancing. But did you know the reason for this?

Their behavior involves much more than just following ships. Both physical and with its social features There are closely related reasons.

It’s almost like the waves left by the ships surf show We will get one step closer to the mysterious world of dolphins. Let’s see why these smart and playful sea creatures never leave the ships.

Dolphins use the waves created by ships to their advantage.

As the ship moves, waves break in front of the water and dolphins use these waves to swim. It saves energy. This has almost become a game for dolphins. They use their energy efficiently and progress at great speed Providing opportunities is one of the important reasons why we see it in front of ships.

They also have curiosity and play instincts.

Dolphins are very curious animals and love to discover new things. Swimming around ships and They are exploring their environment They also engage in social interaction. This satisfies their natural play instincts and strengthens their social bonds.

Since they like to move in groups and constantly communicate with each other, swimming in front of the ship is very convenient for them. In this way, intra-group ties are strengthened and They keep their dynamics intact.

You also need to eat.

If you see a dolphin next to a fishing boat, the reason is quite simple. Although they generally prefer large ships to save energy, they travel back and forth between all of them. They can fill their stomachs. Especially when they find a boat that throws fish to them, it’s a treat.

They love attention.

information about dolphins

You may have come across them sometimes performing in front of ships. One of the reasons for this is attention-oriented animal It’s about being. Just as they demonstrate their jumping and diving skills to group members, they can sometimes perform these movements in response to the attention of the people on the ship.

Aren’t they harmed by swimming so close to the ships?

ship and dolphin

We would love to say “no”. Even though dolphins are very communicative animals, they may encounter some situations where they cannot predict which direction the ship will go. impact of propellers is another element of danger. As a result of these impacts, cuts may occur on dolphins.

When boat owners encounter dolphin visits They can put their engines in neutral and may try to distract them. For this, you can give them food. The nets of fishing boats are among those that damage them. Dolphins can easily get caught in these nets.

Dolphins of course in natural environments instead of aqua parks Although the pleasure of watching them is different, you still know that you need to be more careful if you come across them on a cruise.

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