Why Can’t People Have Black Eyes?

Don’t the unforgettable pieces of Turkish music that start with the words “Is black eyes staring at him?”

Yes, you heard right! your black eyes it’s actually just an illusion We’ll talk about it. While our eyes, which look different from the clothes we wear to the hat we wear, even depending on the make-up we wear that day, can be gray, it is genetically impossible for them to be black.

He usually doesn’t lie and claimed to be the mirror of the heart We are here to correct a big misconception about eyes. If you are ready for those who claim to have black eyes, let’s get started.

Who is the leading role in the formation of our eye color?

In biology lesson; We learned how dominant and recessive genes are transmitted, in which our parents have an equal say in the emergence of our eye color. When we look at our genetic features, it is related to eye color. 16 genes are effective we can say. However, we meet 2 genes that determine eye color. One is OCA2 and the other is HERC2.

There is a concept that these genes, located on the 15th chromosome, whose effects on eye color have been proven by scientific research, are responsible for our leading role: Melanin. Melanin; that gives color to our skin, hair, and eyes a pigment mostly in brown tones.

But why doesn’t everyone have the same color hair and eyes, although melanin pigment is present in everyone except genetic diseases such as albinism?


The answer to this question is related to how much this pigment is present in our body. Skin with a high content of melanin appears darker than skin with a smaller amount of melanin. The same is true for hair and eye color. Located in the iris, which we know is the colored part of the eye. density of brown melanin it actually determines how dark our eye color will be.

So how does the melamine pigment do this?

skin color

Melanin is the authority that decides how much of the visible light reaching our eyes is absorbed and how much is reflected. Visible light that reaches the eye in people who carry this pigment intensely is absorbed by the pigment. too much will be absorbed that is, the eye appears darker as it will be absorbed.

How are colored eyes formed if the melanin is brown?

colored eyes

Very low or no melanin is attractive to us because it is rare. green and blue eyes are formed. The iris, which has no melanin pigment to absorb light, reflects the incoming light directly.

Therefore, considering that the iris can reflect the blue wavelength, in the absence of melanin We can explain why we perceive the eye as blue. We can even compare it to the sea looking blue. Water molecules absorb very little light with a blue wavelength and thus water that doesn’t actually have a color It makes it look like blue.


A small amount of melanin Green eye color occurs in the presence of the pigment lipochrome, which causes the iris to appear yellow and amber tones in mammals and mammals.

The eye color, which is said to be the rarest in the world, is green. While only 2% of people are thought to have green eyes, amber, that is, honey-colored eyes among the people It is as rare as green.

What if we could have black eyes?

crying scene

We mentioned above that dark colors absorb more light and reflect less light. If our eyes could be black; to protect from the harmful effects of heat energy, the light that the eye absorbs too much we would have to cry constantly And probably none of us would want that.

Besides, it would not be easy for us to go out into the daylight as we would be more exposed to harmful UV rays while absorbing the rays from the Sun. such as cataracts and skin cancer more vulnerable to many serious diseases we would become one.

colored eyes

As a result, the eyes of people you think are black-eyed look more carefully this time and meet the facts!

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