Why can’t more than 100 ml of liquid be taken on planes?

Did you know that there was no limit on taking liquids on planes before? So what happened that strict rules like 100 ml were replaced?

The moment we enter the airport taking strict security measures Most of us are used to it, but when it comes to the strict rules applied to liquids, we don’t really understand it, right?

In fact, this situation a very important reason there is…

It all started in 2006.

Rules banning liquids on airplanes were implemented on August 10, 2006. This date is a time when British security forces After revealing the terrorist plot came.

conspirators, hydrogen peroxide based explosives They planned to use them on transatlantic flights and intended to hide these explosives in soft drink bottles.

After this dangerous plan was foiled, initially All liquids are banned from being carried on airplanes However, this rule was changed in November 2006, allowing passengers to bring liquids onto the plane in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml.

But why are we allowed to carry 100 ml?

fluid intake on airplanes

100 ml limit, security institutions to effectively manage the risks of explosive materials determined. This limit is a practical balance for security forces to identify and prevent threats posed by liquid explosives.

100 ml or less of a liquid alone unlikely to pose a major explosion risk. Of course, you should remember that it should be taken in transparent containers, otherwise it will be destroyed.

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