Why Are Some People Afraid of Clowns?

Although it is surprising to see an adult, mingled with children, frightened of the clown, it is quite possible. This fear, which seems unnecessary at first glance, has a name in science; coulrophobia. While the number of people who are looking for a hole to escape when they see a clown and their heartbeats are high, we have shared with you the factors that cause this phobia.

The indispensable mascot of birthdays held at McDonalds, invited to parties to entertain children; clowns. How is it that clowns, who appear to make people laugh and entertain, can make us so scared?

coulrophobia The fear of the clown, called the clown, has become a fear that disturbs hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It’s not just murderous clowns like in Stephen King’s masterpiece It, that causes this fear. our brains play on us due to some games.

What is coulrophobia?

Koulrophobia is the name given to the fear of clowns. The number of people being treated for coulrophobia, although at first glance it may seem like a very simple, less important fear than other phobias quite a lot.

People with coulrophobia hate seeing clowns, looking at their photos, or even hearing the name of a clown. Because of clowns whose only purpose is to make you laugh and entertain Can’t eat at McDonalds I’m sure there are many more people.

Was there a clown in the past, dear, where did this phobia come from now?


Their clown is now featured in many movies, TV shows, or birthday parties in real life. grocery and market openings (whatever it is) we see it a lot. In the old days, these friends took part in circuses and performed acrobatics or magic shows. And the one who entertained the nobility during the royal period king jesters too do not forget. (King jesters wore wigs, painted their faces and performed various tricks, although they were not similar to today’s clowns.)

We have many reasons to be afraid of clowns, who previously existed only for entertainment. According to scientists, coulrophobia is more developing in childhood It is an inconvenience and the biggest reason is that parents persistently try to put their children in the same environment with clowns.

robin williams

Although parents think otherwise, young children do not like clowns in the least. In fact, the University of Sheffield, England, offers students between the ages of 4 and 16. 250 children brings them together and learns about their attitude towards clowns. All 250 children, He says he finds clowns creepy and scary.

Of course, there are those who experience this phobia in adulthood rather than in childhood. Here, other factors that trigger clown phobia come into play. Books, movies and TV series are among the factors that trigger this phobia the most. Featured in movies like It, Clown, or Poltergeist killer clownscan cause coulrophobia. The little games that our brain plays on us are among the other factors that help this phobia occur.

Our brain wants to see what’s going on behind the mask.

eyes wide shut

When the human brain sees a person like itself, it expects to see a face that it is accustomed to until today. well a familiar face to a familiar body want to add. Everything should be clear in the face we see; eyes, lips and even facial expressions.

The make-up of clowns completely distorts these familiar facial signals in our brain. A red nose, a smiling face, and big eyes. We think that the clown is laughing because of the make-up, but the brain says: “No, it’s just a makeover. I can’t understand what’s going on behind that fake smile. Run or fight!”

When our brain encounters a face that it cannot identify on the other side, it starts to emit danger signals and tells us that we must either run or fight. At a birthday party, a movie, or anywhere we need to be exposed to a clown, these signals give us rapid heart palpitations, panic attacks, nausea, or fainting returns in shape.

Isn’t there a cure for this?


As with many ailments, there are various treatments for coulrophobia. some treatment can be applied at home It is recommended that people with an advanced fear of clowns go to the doctor.

The treatment of most phobias, such as coulrophobia, consists of techniques to overcome the feared thing, but since it can be extremely dangerous to try such a thing alone at home, such trials must be done under the supervision of a doctor. So if you too your palms start sweating when called a clown. We think it would be beneficial to consult an expert.

If you think that this fear is caused by the games your brain is playing on you, I have a personal advice for you. As someone with coulrophobia from an early age, he is not just a clown, but like in the movie Purge. his face is completely masked When I see any people, this phobia is triggered to an incredibly disturbing degree.

Bill Skarsgard

When I heard of the movie It, in which Bill Skarsgard will star as Pennywise, I realized that I would never be able to watch the movie. Shortly before the release of the movie Pennywise make-up on Bill I had a chance to see it, and what I watched with my heart beating suddenly was extremely difficult for me. normal It was starting to feel like something.

I don’t think I’m an expert or knowledgeable person on this subject, but I think my brain during makeup, Who is behind the makeup? he saw it, he somehow recognized it, and then when he saw the character of Pennywise to himself; “okay, there’s our handsome Bill behind the make up” said. I don’t know about childhood trauma or the clowns we fear because of movies, but I think seeing the face behind the makeup will help us overcome coulrophobia so that we can decipher the tricks the brain is playing on us.

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