Why Are Metals Like Gold Formed into “Ingots”?

Precious metals such as iron, bronze, silver and gold are stored in the form of ingots in places such as banks, unless they are turned into objects. Have you ever wondered why people choose this specific ingot shape over other geometric shapes? The answer is actually very simple.

The most common of the precious metals in the world are gold and silver. For many years, we have seen these precious metals on people as jewelry products. Sometimes statues made of gold or silver or it is also possible for us to coincide with processing in architecture.

As you probably see and know from games or TV series/movies, if you want to hide such precious metals without taking the shapes we mentioned above, they are put in a ‘bank’.bullion’ are stored in the form.

So what is the reason for choosing this ingot shape in particular?

Actually, the answer is very simple and you can give an example of it. From the Jenga game we can give. Why are the wooden pieces in Jenga shaped like rectangular prisms? Because isn’t it easier to stack and balance? If they were cube shaped we couldn’t stack them evenlyThe same is true for nuggets.

Then you will ask: Why is it made into a trapezoidal shape and not a rectangular prism?

There, the blacksmithing part comes into play. After pouring a molten metal into a mold to solidify, the easiest way to remove it from that mold is as you can see in the picture./___” takes shape. have this angle it is very easy to remove the solidified metal from the mold.

This is why even cake and ice cube molds have this similar curved shape. In addition, because they are heavy, ingots When it is in geometric shape, it is easier to hold it by hand and lift it.

As a result, the reasons for the ingoting of precious metals: coming out of the mold during the melting process and it is easier to hold and move it by hand.


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