Why Are Cosmetic Products In High Demand In Recent Years?

Regardless of your gender or age, you definitely have a cosmetic product. Some people don’t wear make-up or hair styling, but almost everyone has shampoo or sunscreen. No matter what anyone uses, data shows that the beauty industry is a rapidly growing sector in recent years. There are many reasons behind this growth.

The beauty industry is constantly encountering advanced products and technologies, while keeping the competition alive This increases consumers’ demand for beauty products.

Cosmetic products have been preferred by many civilizations for years both for looking beautiful and for health. Today, where product diversity is easily accessible, there is intense interest in cosmetic products. social change is also an indicator. The reasons why beauty centers are becoming increasingly common and cosmetic stores are always full even if there are no discounts, go beyond psychological factors.

With the beauty centers opened by the influencers, the interest in cosmetic products increased even more.

Especially social media phenomena Many people open beauty centers, This is due to the increasing interest in cosmetic products. The fact that everyone, both men and women, starts to take better care of themselves keeps the beauty center industry alive.

franchise These are the reasons why those who want to get a job but cannot decide which sector they will be in, decide on a beauty center. As a branch of a well-known brand, it benefits from both the existing brand name and the high demand from people.

When some beauty centers start selling their own products, the sector becomes more diverse and grows. However, it is necessary to mention here the point that consumers should pay attention to. Some brands, They can subcontract products and advertise them as if they produced them themselves.

Therefore, it is useful to examine all the details of cosmetic products, just like every other product purchased. You know these days If you wave your hand You hit the beauty center and its products.

Cosmetics stores, where long queues form, are the bread and butter of the industry.

sephora opening

The long queue at the opening of the Sephora store on Istanbul Bagdat Street recently surprised those who saw it. The reason for the queue is the brand’s incoming Gift for the first 500 people was that he was going to give it. People who wanted to buy gifts bought their chairs, water, food and books the night before and started waiting. This incident also shows that addiction to cosmetic products, more than we think.

Of course, in addition to Sephora, many cosmetics stores such as Gratis and Watsons have had high occupancy rates for many years. Whether there is a discount or not, many people enjoy browsing through cosmetic products, even if they do not need them. Having products from many brands in one place and comparison advantage Of course, it keeps the interest in these stores alive.

What are the underlying reasons for the increase in the cosmetics industry?

Today, higher living standards and increased interest in cosmetic products significantly affect the share in the sector. Companies that want to respond to this demand and hold on to the industry are constantly innovating. product variety offers.

The growth of women’s roles in the economy is another important factor. To adapt to the environment and feeling better The demands of women who want it are met with many products.

Although in the past only women came to mind when cosmetics were mentioned, today the situation has changed and the use of cosmetic products by men has increased. That means it’s not just women Men also have a say in the industry.

Technology has an important place in choosing cosmetic products that do not harm the environment.

natural cosmetic products

Thanks to advanced technology, consumers can access transparent information at any time and can easily find the products with the features they want. Thanks to access to information, care is taken to ensure that the product does not harm the environment at many stages, from production to after use.

The power of social media comes into play here too.

makeup video

When social media and technology were not used at an advanced level, face-to-face sales techniques were generally used. However, the excessive use of social media channels has revealed a new sales method. Thus, companies can now make changes according to consumers’ purchasing behavior. sponsored advertising, influencer advertising He started using different marketing techniques such as.

Especially YouTube and Instagram are frequently preferred marketing places in this area. Companies send their own products to social media influencers partnership and product promotions appear in both YouTube videos and Instagram reels.

Thanks to this collaboration of influencers, consumers can more easily find products that can benefit them. Makeup videos also affects the market. Providing information about how the product looks and its quality also affects its prominence.

E-commerce also gets its share from the sector.

Online shopping

According to 2022 data, the sectors with the highest sales volume and number of transactions in e-commerce are, cosmetics and personal care are among the top five. Among the 5 categories, the most striking one is the cosmetics industry. Other sectors are fashion and accessories, electronics and technology, tourism and travel.

Studies show how strong the link between social media and cosmetic products is.


Within the scope of the studies, the reasons for the changes in this field are revealed. female users from advertisements, from stores, from discount days and is heavily influenced by other user reviews. Another study reveals that positive experiences strengthen the bond between brand and consumer.

Another study is about the use of the natural product we just mentioned. Environmentally friendly and Products that will not affect human health More positive attitudes are shown to brands that produce products than brands that do not have these features.

The purpose of consuming cosmetic products is to feel better.

The French Perfume and Cosmetics Federation conducts research on cosmetic product purchasing habits. According to the results of this research, 60% of consumers increase self-confidence and purchasing cosmetics to improve her mood. family and positive impact on professional life create Those who want to make up the remaining percentage.

The German Cosmetics, Make-up, Perfume and Detergent Association research shows that 85% of adolescents and young people have feeling better It shows that you are interested in cosmetic products.

Although COVID has negatively affected some sectors, it is revitalizing the cosmetics industry.

The increased importance given to health during the pandemic period had a positive impact on the sales of cosmetic products – especially those with natural ingredients. Another and main factor is that in this period video calls becoming more widespread. In searches, flaws become more important and appear on social media. When the perception of beauty changes Consumers found the solution in using skin care products.

The place of the cosmetics industry in the Turkish economy is gradually increasing.

Many items, from essential oils to perfumes, from make-up and skin care materials to products to protect oral and dental health, are included in the cosmetics industry. In Turkey, the market of cosmetics and personal care products grows on average every year. It is growing by 10%.

Hair care products in the industry owner of the largest slice. Shampoos make up 59% of hair care products. So, as we said at the beginning, even if you do not use anything, you are affecting this graph in the cosmetics industry by just buying shampoo.

How much is cosmetic product production in Turkey?

Olive oil soap laurel soap

Only 10% of the cosmetic products in the Turkish market originate from Turkey. If within this percentage shaving supplies, bath and shower products, hand soaps, depilatories, lip and eye make-up, deodorant, perfume, cologne and baby care products It is located.

Changing consumption needs and consumers becoming more conscious have led to changes in the cosmetics industry. need for natural products It also increases. In addition to other cosmetic materials, natural soaps, hair dyes, skin and body care products have begun to be produced in Turkey. One of the products produced in large quantities is the world famous olive oil and laurel soaps.

The rise is also evident in our import and export figures.

Türkiye cosmetic product export

With exports to 179 countries, sector exports are at a rate of 62% in 2022. This is 8% of exports. 108.2 million dollars to Iraq, 7.2% ($96.9 million) is sent to the USA.

Türkiye cosmetic product import

While the rate of cosmetic products in imports is 8.7% ($1.26 billion) in 2021, this figure increases by 24.5% in 2022 and reaches 1.57 billion dollars. The leading product in import is fragrances and mixtures. These are followed by ready-made make-up, skin and beauty products and perfumes.

If we talk about the global value of the cosmetics industry, the figure was 511 billion dollars in 2021. Although the annual growth rate is taken as 4.75%, this figure $784.6 billion in 2027 It is expected to happen. Among the leading companies in the global market L’Oréal, Estée Lauder and Unilever It is located.


The Inspiring Story of L’Oréal Founded by a Poor but Proud Young Pastry Chef

In our investigations, we see that technology is an important criterion in the cosmetics industry, as in everything else. Thanks to customized, sustainable and advanced products A new cosmetic product every day We encounter. Considering the importance that beauty centers and cosmetic stores add to this sector, it seems that the sector’s share in the economy will grow even more.

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