Why Are 70% of Soccer Balls Made in One City?

The 22nd FIFA World Cup held in Qatar started with the match between Qatar and Ecuador played on 20 November. The official soccer ball of the tournament is Adidas Al Rihla with its lines inspired by dhows. This ball is produced by Pakistan origin Forward Sports brand.

Forward Sports; With the 2014, 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups, it has also reached the title of the company that produces the official match balls of the last 3 tournaments.

Pakistan has been one of the leading suppliers of soccer balls for FIFA for many years. cheap labor and of qualified personnel for most of these tournaments from the 1990s to the present hand sewn They supplied soccer balls.

located in the north of the country Sialkot The city is at the heart of the worldwide production of soccer balls, with numerous sportswear manufacturing factories.

“Why this city?” you will have thought. Its story goes back to the late 1800s when they were a British colony.

fond of football British; in order to repair the exploding and damaged cannons. of shoe repairers They eroded their shops. One of these cobblers was the ball, which was brought with the aim of generating more income than this. take out the mold started to produce new balls.

Since that day, the production of soccer balls in the city has never stopped.

ball production pakistan factory

sialkot city, more than a century Thanks to its experience and excellent craftsmanship, it has since become a world-class soccer ball manufacturing center.

Of course, besides their experience and quality workmanship cheap labor They also have an important place. For example; FIFA approved balls, all over the world your $100 Sold at a sale price. This selling price also reflects some of the workers who make them. more than their monthly fees.

With the influence of the knowledge and experience transferred from father to son, many factories, large and small, were established.

Adidas Brazuca produced for 2014 FIFA World Cup Adidas Telstar 18 produced for 2018 FIFA World Cup

By the 1970s, these companies were struggling to produce quality soccer balls. in a short time They began to gain prestige. In the 1990s, they started supplying soccer balls to major European clubs and FIFA.

Today, soccer ball production is approx. 60,000 people employing more than 1000 It is an important source of income for the city of Sialkot with its soccer ball factory. Here every year 40 million balls being produced. That is approximately the number of soccer balls in the world. 70% of produced in this city.

Adidas Al Rihla, the soccer ball they produced for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, has a sensor compatible with SAOT, the enhanced version of VAR.

ball al rihla qatar clock

in the middle of the ball and motion-acceleration This sensor measures the position of the ball on the court. 500 times per second It can transmit to SAOT technology.

Their quality in soccer ball production and keeping up with technology they seem to be making their names known in the coming years with their breakthroughs.


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