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Benjamin Franklin, who is considered one of the founding fathers of the United States and whose photographs cost over $100 today, is one of the most important names in both the world and the history of the United States. Let’s take a closer look at Benjamin Franklin, who made a name for himself with his contributions to science, and let’s see interesting details about his life story.

Although there are different assumptions, it is generally accepted that the American continent was discovered for the first time in 1492 by the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus. America, which remained a colony of different countries for many years, was liberated on July 4, 1776, at the end of the war of independence and the United States of America was established. Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the USA It has a very important place in the history of the country.

We don’t think many people have seen it because of the exchange rate, but at least as far as we can see from Hollywood movies, Benjamin Franklin, whose photographs cost more than 100 dollars, not only fought for the freedom of the continent, but also organized European relations and made important contributions to science. Bride Who is Benjamin Franklin Let’s take a closer look and see the interesting details about his life story.

Benjamin Franklin was a poorly educated boy who was eager to read:

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, when it was a British colony. He was born in the Boston region of the Americas. Born in England, he was the eighth of ten children by his father’s second wife. Due to the circumstances of the time, Benjamin had only been educated until the age of ten, but he was an eager and curious child to read.

When Benjamin was 12 years old, he was apprenticed to his brother, who was a printer. At the age of 17, first to Philadelphia, Then he went to London, the capital of England. Developing his printing skills there, Benjamin returned to Philadelphia in 1726 and opened a printing house there.

He makes a name for himself as a master printer and publisher:

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was printing government pamphlets, books, and money at the printing house he opened in Philadelphia. In the following years it local newspaper Pennsylvania Gazette and with the Poor Richard’s Almanack column he published in this newspaper, he earned both money and success. He introduced many new words into English in this column.

He started living with Deborah Read in 1730. They couldn’t marry because Deborah Read was officially married even though her first husband had left her, and the law did not approve of a polygamous life. In this happy union, they had children whose names would go down in the history of the United States. The most interesting of Benjamin Franklin’s children is William Franklin. William Franklin served as the last colonial governor of New Jersey, sided with the British during the war of independence, and died in England, where he was exiled after the founding of the United States.

Benjamin Franklin introduces many innovations in Philadelphia:

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, now a successful printer and publisher, was well off financially. By 1850 he established a library that would become the largest on the continent. He laid the foundations for the first fire company, the first police patrol, the first city hospital, the first street lighting system, and the Philadelphia Academy, the first educational institution that would later become the University of Pennsylvania.

He was appointed postmaster of Philadelphia by the British in 1737. in 1774 until he was fired for his sympathy for the anti-colonial He made many innovations about the postal system. Because of this success, he became the first general postal manager of the state after the establishment of the United States of America and his photograph was put on the first stamps printed. Even today, the US postal administration is a federal structure.

Benjamin Franklin inventions:

Benjamin Franklin

Before moving on to Benjamin Franklin’s contributions to the American freedom struggle, let’s talk about his inventions. Because it would be an understatement to say that he only contributed to science. He was a complete scientist. When he expanded his business and retired, he devoted himself fully to science and coined many of the terms and inventions we use even today.

One of Benjamin Franklin’s most important inventions is undoubtedly the lightning rod, which removes the damage caused by lightning. In next years With his kite experiment, he revealed that lightning is electricity. Benjamin Franklin, who also works on ocean currents, meteorology, cold and cooling systems, is the inventor of the Franklin stove, which provides more heat with less fuel, bifocal glasses, and the glass harmonica that even Mozart composed to play with.

The American Revolution begins:

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, who attended the colonial deputies convened in New York in 1754 as the representative of the Pennsylvania Assembly, was here. He came up with the idea of ​​convening a national congress for the first time. however, this proposal was rejected. In the following years, Franklin went to the capital of England, London, stayed here for a while and returned to America with the start of the war of independence.

At that time, the British passed a Stamp Act in the colony. The public opposed this law because it brought a huge tax burden. Even though the law was later repealed, His anger towards the British had ignited once. In a short time, this anger turned into an armed uprising and the American War of Independence began in 1775, which would last until 1783.

During the conflict, 13 colonies declared their independence in 1776. Benjamin Franklin was one of the five people who drafted this so-called Declaration of Independence and are today called the Founding Fathers. Franklin sought help from France in this process and accelerated the struggle for independence with their support. After the independence war was won in 1776 Benjamin Franklin went to France for a while and contributed to the preparation of the 1783 Treaty of Paris.

Benjamin Franklin in the early years of the United States:

one hundred dollars

In 1785, Benjamin Franklin left France and returned to the now free country of the United States. He attended the Constitutional Convention in 1787 as a Pennsylvania delegate. Franklin, who was 81 at the time, was the oldest delegate of the convention. The US Constitution, to which Benjamin Franklin greatly contributed, was adopted in 1788, and in 1789 George Washington was inaugurated as the first US President.

He thinks that he is doing his duty to his country and the world. Benjamin Franklin died in Pennsylvania on April 17, 1790, at the age of 84. About 20,000 people attended the funeral. In his will, he left a large part of his legacy to Boston and Philadelphia to establish a trade school, open a science museum, award scholarships, and fund other projects. The photo of Benjamin Franklin, whose contributions to the country are not forgotten, was printed for over $100. Even today, many institutions in the country are still named after him.

Considered one of the founding fathers of the United States and has over $100 photographs Who is Benjamin Franklin We answered the question and talked about the contributions of this important name to his country and the world.

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