When BionTech Ones Will Get their 3rd Dose of Vaccine Announced

Meltem Özgenç from Hürriyet talked to the members of the Science Board about the statements of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca about the reminder dose. Experts explained when to start the third dose of vaccine for those who have 2 doses of BioNTech vaccine and how it is done in other countries.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, in his statements a while ago, said that two doses mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine He said that citizens who were shot would need a reminder dose, but that there was no such requirement for the time being. This statement of Minister Koca, the third dose of the citizens who were vaccinated with the BioNTech vaccine. they will surely be shot meant. However, the time for this was uncertain.

Meltem Özgenç from Hürriyet, Ministry of Health Coronavirus to clarify this situation that confuses citizens Science board met with its members. In this context, Özgenç, who spoke to scientists personally when the vaccine should be administered and in which countries the third dose is administered, revealed many unknowns. If you wish, now what awaits us Let’s take a closer look.

“Reminder doses start in November”

“When will the third dose be given?” Scientific Committee Member answering the question prof. Dr. Canaan Mytileneused the following expressions; “Normally, when the body encounters an infection, it reacts violently to get rid of it and defeat it. Since he knows that continuing the severe reaction after being eaten will harm him, the body returns to normal from the overreaction state after this infectious agent is taken under control, but against the possibility of encountering the same factor again, this time it creates an immune memory that can develop a response much faster. The further you get from that encounter, the level of the response begins to drop that much. So what are they, antibodies and activated “t” cells. But the memory, which will produce antibodies in certain parts of the body, is kept in reserve to be activated. The same is true for vaccine-induced immune responses. Antibody levels drop over time. But in case of re-encounter, it rises quickly. Even if the responses of the remaining memory do not prevent the formation of the infection, they often prevent the unexpected consequences of the infection, such as major damage to the body or death. Real-life data (US and Israel) show the effectiveness of vaccines in antibody cells, especially in older age groups who may be less responsive. after the sixth month showed a decrease. For this reason, in order to refresh and strengthen the memory in Turkey, it is necessary to increase the effectiveness of vaccines. It was decided to apply a reminder dose 6 months after the second dose of vaccine.


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prof. Dr. Zafer Kurugol announced which countries are applying the third dose of coronavirus vaccine: “Especially Israel It is the first country in the world to launch the mRNA vaccine, and the fastest, at the highest rate. In a very short time, he succeeded in inoculating a large part of his society. Full-dose vaccination is currently 63 percent. The total vaccination rate is 68 percent. However, as the number of cases increased in Israel, the issue of “should additional doses be made” came to the fore. His first decision was to give the second dose to people over 50 years old. After 5 months The reminder was to dose. For this, he launched the 3rd dose campaign and Became the first country to decide on the third dose. Later, it was reduced to 30 years old. Currently, more than half of those who have received two doses of BioNTech in this country have received their third dose of vaccine. With this application, a decrease in cases and the ‘R’ value (the rate of spread of the disease between people) in a very short time reported that one. The number of cases, which rose to 20 thousand, fell to 3 thousand in a short time. In addition, Israel also closed.

third dose

Ankara University Infectious Diseases Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. İsmail Balık, mRNA vaccine application in April Recalling that it started, he said: “The first BioNTech doses in Turkey were made at the beginning of April. The second doses were started to be administered at the beginning of June with a delay. Considering the date of the second dose, 6 months after the second dose, falls between November and December. Third dose administration has started in countries such as Israel, America, Canada and England. 6 million people have not yet taken the reminder dose, but almost all of them Sinovac those. These people will either have Sinovac done or be vaccinated with BioNTech as soon as possible.


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