What Will Solana Do in May? Analysts’ New Forecast Has Arrived

solana It has experienced a strong increase in price as it continues to benefit from the current bull season. The altcoin surpassed a new $200 milestone before trading at $151 in March. With the completion of Bitcoin Halving, the price of SOL is expected to increase further and attract attention in the market.

Bitcoin Halving With the completion of the event, the Solana price is expected to increase and register a significant rise. According to CoinCodex, a leading crypto analysis platform, May could be a critical period for SOL; because its price may reach its peak by exceeding $169.

Based on current Solana price predictions, altcoinIt seems possible that it will increase by 13.75% and reach $169.27 by May 22, 2024. According to technical indicators, sentiment is increasing while the Fear and Greed Index is at 73 (greed). Over the last 30 days, SOL recorded 17/30 (57%) green days with a price volatility of 11.80%.

Similarly, Changelly, another crypto analysis platform, predicts that SOL will reach $168 by the end of May 2024.

cryptocurrency experts are ready to announce their predictions about the SOL price for May 2024. The minimum transaction cost may be $141.34, while the maximum price may reach $168.63 during this month. On average, Solana’s value is expected to be around $154.99.

By the end of 2024, Solana could gain significant price momentum. To Solanafloor according to, is constantly working to expand the SOL ecosystem. As we reported as Koinfinans.com, the network recorded the highest number of daily active addresses in the last two months.

According to CoinCodex, SOL could maintain its current pace and surpass a new milestone of $358 by the end of 2024.

“Solana is estimated to trade between $145.50 and $358.90. If it reaches its upper price target, SOL could rise 137.29% to $358.90.”

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