What Will Happen When Cryptos Are Taxed in Turkey in 2024?

The 2024 Presidential Annual Program shows that there will be tax regulation on crypto assets. So, what can happen when taxes come?

Crypto assets have been around the world for years. legality and taxation It remains in a gray area, and one of the most curious questions about this growing asset class is the tax issue. The 2024 Presidential Annual Program announced last month also Turkish crypto asset investors It made me curious.

Especially Türkiye, TripleA Global Crypto Ownership Data, August 2023 According to research, crypto asset investors are currently 17th country in position. This research also 5.46% or 4,684,727 people It shows that you own crypto assets.

There are two important statements about crypto asset exchanges and crypto assets in the 2024 Presidential Annual Program.

  1. Regulatory work will be carried out for crypto asset service providers. (Measure 383.1.)

  2. For the taxation of digital virtual assets, studies will be completed to define these assets in the Turkish legal system. (Measure 400.5.)

Also, in the Development Plan p.400 it says:The tax system will be developed in accordance with international norms and in a way that will contribute to the development and deepening of the digital economy by protecting the country’s interests to the maximum extent, comprehending the informality in digital activities and increasing the attractiveness of the investment environment.

These explanations are briefly: About crypto asset exchanges laws will be introduced and at the same time crypto asset investors in a way that does not upset It shows tax future.


Türkiye is Preparing to Recognize Cryptocurrencies: Taxation Will Be Made!

How is taxation done on stock buying and selling transactions made in Borsa Istanbul?

Borsa Istanbul

Since we do not yet know what crypto asset taxes will be like Taxation method in Borsa Istanbul let’s see:

Automatically from people who earn income from stock trading transactions made in Borsa Istanbul stoppage via (Income Tax Law Income Tax Law article 67) taxation is being done.

This means taxation on income earned before the money goes outat the source without going to the bank deducted/paid means. In short, the brokerage firm (exchange) you use is It deducts this tax from your account as soon as you make a profit.

The eyes of the world are on US crypto asset regulations, but US citizens are already paying crypto taxes.

USA cryptocurrency

in the USA crypto assets are property for tax purposes It is counted as. This requires US citizens to pay crypto taxes in some cases. For example, if a US person pays crypto and the price of the asset has increased since the date they received the crypto must pay taxes.

Taxable situations:

  • Sell ​​crypto assets for fiat money and make a profit
  • Buying goods or services with crypto assets
  • Buying and selling different crypto assets

Non-taxable situations:

  • Buying and holding crypto with fiat
  • Donating crypto to a tax-free charity or non-profit organization
  • Buying and giving crypto gifts
  • Transferring crypto assets to your own account

For example, if someone from the USA buys Bitcoin at $20,000 and sells it at $25,000, your $5,000 profit has to pay taxes. Crypto mining operations may also be taxed in the United States. Companies that do crypto mining as a business earn income business income must document as such.

Crypto asset taxes in the USA in brief comes into play when profit is made And Holding crypto assets is not taxable.

How can crypto asset service providers be regulated in Turkey and what kind of tax may be imposed on crypto assets?

Türkiye cryptocurrency

First mentioned in the 2024 Presidential Annual Program Unregulated crypto asset service providers let’s talk. The term “cryptoasset service providers” used here is very broad and It covers companies that provide all kinds of services with crypto assets other than stock exchanges.

According to the 2024 annual program, above this Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance and CBRT will conduct studies. However, in our country, the Capital Markets Law (CMB) carries out many activities such as the supervision of public offering activities, stock exchanges, public companies, intermediary institutions and organizations.

If there is a law regarding crypto asset service providers, this It may require any crypto service provider to register with the CMB and be subject to its supervision.

In terms of crypto asset tax, since taxes are deducted from the source in stock purchases and sales transactions made in Borsa Istanbul in our country, A similar approach can also be applied to crypto assets.

If a law like this comes into play, the exchange you use when you make a profit from a crypto asset transaction It deducts your tax from the profit you make on your behalf.

Important note: The opinions expressed in this content have no official basis. You can access the resources we use from the link below. Crypto tax laws are still being worked on in Turkey and we will keep you updated on the steps taken in this area.

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