What is VoLTE on Smartphones and what does it do?

While using a smartphone, you have usually come across the VoLTE text or logo on the right or left corner of the notification bar. If you are seeing this article for the first time, you may not understand what it is, but do not worry, this article shows your sound transfer quality. Let’s see in detail what VoLTE is and what it does.

Isn’t it amazing how fast technology is developing? When it comes to cameras, screenshots, content quality, it goes crazy. But these are not the only developments. In fact, even if we are not aware of it Transmission technologies are also developing rapidly. For example, we will soon meet 5G. There is also VoLTE. We are sure that even if you have not heard of VoLTE, you have seen it as a small logo or text on the screen of your smartphone.

If you are someone who is not familiar with such terms, you may have been worried that this would not happen to us when you saw the VoLTE article, but do not worry, This article actually shows your sound transfer quality. Because even though we think it only improves the internet connection, LTE, which we know as 4G, also takes the voice transmission quality to the next level. Let’s see the important points you need to know about questions such as what is VoLTE and what does it do?

First, let’s get to know our technology; What is VoLTE?

It is possible to translate the Voice Over LTE, or VoLTE system in short, directly into Turkish as Voice Over LTE. As the name suggests, VoLTE is what we know as 4G. An audio transmission system over an LTE network and is a wireless communication standard. This system, which is not available in 2G and 3G networks, is used on all 4G, that is, LTE compatible or 5G compatible smartphones.

So, what exactly does VoLTE mean?

Smartphones have used a certain wireless data transfer standard since the day they were first released. It started with GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, and soon we will meet 5G. The promotion of these systems is generally done over the internet in high quality. However These systems also affect the sound transmission quality. In other words, just like 4G speed internet, VoLTE is 4G quality voice transmission.

So what does VoLTE do and what are its features?

  • It improves call quality.
  • It expands the coverage area.
  • It extends battery life.
  • It accelerates data flow.
  • It works compatible with Wi-Fi.
  • Improves video call quality.

Improves call quality:

Since the sound issue is a bit complicated, it would be best to explain it in terms of image quality. Let’s think of the sound quality of the calls we make in 3G quality as HD images. The sound quality of the calls we make in VoLTE quality is Full HD image. In other words, the sound is much cleaner, we understand the other party better, and the disturbing background sounds have less effect.

Extends coverage by:

VoLTE calls provide a much faster connection than previous voice streaming standards. In addition, it also expands its scope. That is, there is a certain 4G network and VoLTE tries to connect to this network first. He saw that it wasn’t working, it was connecting to the 3G network, but it still wasn’t working, it was connecting to the 2G network. In other words, as connection network options improve, the coverage area also expands. Since 4G frequency provides access to a much wider spectrum than 3G and 2G networks, Even its own network is wide enough. The 2G network, which is not used much today, is mostly used for VoLTE expansion.

Extends battery life:

The smartphone processor does not have great difficulties in this regard, since it is much easier to connect to the network used during VoLTE calls and Therefore, it does not consume too much energy. Of course, we are not talking about huge savings here, but it is still possible to say that it will be good for the battery life of the phone.

Speeds up data flow:

Think of it this way, you have a 4G network, but your voice transmission is not 4G. What will happen? When you make a phone call, your network will switch to 3G and At that time, everything that works with an internet connection is also It will instantly operate over the 3G network. In other words, VoLTE actually provides compatibility between 4G internet connection and voice calls.

Works compatible with Wi-Fi:

Especially on relatively older smartphones, you may see problems between calls, mobile data and Wi-Fi connectivity. Because these are all networks that connect to the device via a signal. VoLTE eliminates this type of conflict and prevents relay signals between two networks from interfering with each other.

Improves video call quality:

When we make a video call through the built-in applications of our smartphones, voice transmission occurs via VoLTE. In video calls, no matter how high quality the image is Voice problems are eliminated with VoLTE. Of course, if you are making a video call through a different mobile application, the sound will still be related to your internet connection.

Peace of mind when using: Is VoLTE service paid?

Namely, if your VoLTE service is not active yet, you can activate the VoLTE service without paying any fee by making the settings directed by the Turkcell, Türk Telekom or Vodafone GSM operator you are using. VoLTE usage is not fully paid. When you make a call on a phone with active VoLTE service, you spend the minutes in your existing package or pay the appropriate per minute fee. So you spend normal conversation.

Is it included in the VoLTE internet package?

VoLTE is a system that transmits voice over 4G, that is, LTE. However, as we mentioned in the definition, 4G does not only cover the internet, it is a transmission technology. Therefore, when using VoLTE service, you use 4G network but You do not use the internet. In other words, VoLTE does not consume your internet package. Of course, if you are going to make a video call, it can be included in your internet package. It is best to contact your GSM operator.

How to turn VoLTE on and off on a smartphone?

Most of the smartphones sold today already come with VoLTE enabled. But if you have it turned off You can turn on this service on the Mobile Networks page in the Settings application and you can turn it off from the same place. If you have a problem with turning it on or off, you can get the necessary forwarding settings from your GSM operator.

It transmits much higher quality sound on our smartphones via 4G, that is, LTE. What is VoLTE and what does it do? We explained interesting features such as. Sometimes, don’t even these simple features we use in daily life make us feel like we’re in a science fiction movie?

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