What Elon Musk and Binance CEO Said About Altcoins

The cryptocurrency market has reached a new milestone. Bitcoin, which fell about 50% below its ATH after April, renewed its peak on October 20 with $ 66,930.39. With BTC now trading around $61,000 with a minor correction, Elon Musk, Binance CEO Changpeng and Justin Sun are accompanying the excitement with their tweets. Here’s what crypto giants are saying about altcoin season…

Elon Musk and CZ support the enthusiasm with their tweets

Binance CEO Changpeng addressed crypto investors preparing for the first leg of the October rally. CZ issued the following warning, telling investors to have better risk management:

Risk management, be prepared to enjoy the best case, handle the worst case. Do not invest more than you can lose.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Binance also had a message to the developers:

Don’t get distracted. Keep building.

Pompliano says institutional investor is back in the field

Pompliano was another key figure judging the Bitcoin excitement this week. The crypto investor shared the following tweet, reporting that the institutional investor is back in the field:

Bitcoin breaking an all-time high yesterday is an important milestone. Every institution in the world started to take interest again. They now have permission to start accumulating on a large scale. You can see it in the data and I am behind closed doors. The game is open.

Elon Musk shows off his memes

The most influential crypto phenomenon and Dogecoin fan, Elon Musk, caused an increase in the prices of SHIB, DOGE and derivative shitcoin with his tweets this week. Musk’s tweets were open to interpretation…

The other Elon Musk tweet that received over 500,000 likes was:

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is hope for Turkey

Michael Saylor, one of the biggest supporters of Bitcoin, continued his praiseworthy posts throughout the week. Saylor retweeted Jan Wuestenfeld’s analysis of the Turkish Central Bank decision. Microstrategy CEO said that Bitcoin is a hope for Turkey. On-chain analyst and economist Wuestenfeld analyzed:

Also included here is the TL/USD exchange rate over a longer period of time. The Turkish lira depreciated by 15.18% against the US dollar last year alone. If you consider more than one year, the situation is worse. It has lost more than 80% of its value against the USD since the beginning of 2013. /3

Justin Sun points to altcoin season

After Elon Musk, Pompliano and Changpeng, he ignited the cryptocurrency market with his tweets on Justin Sun this week. TRON CEO Sun tweeted, implying the start of altcoin season after Bitcoin ATH:

Another notable tweet by Justin Sun is that Valkyrie Funds has received SEC approval to list one of the first Bitcoin ETFs in the US:

I am so excited to share all that ValkyrieFunds has received SEC approval to list one of the first Bitcoin ETFs in the US, which I helped launch as a principal investor.

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