What does the ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace offer?

ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace, which was established by the domestic crypto money exchange ICRYPEX, announced its new NFT projects at the event. At the event held at Zorlu PSM Sky Lounge, Aziz Nesin’s memories, Cumhuriyet Newspaper archive and record-breaking nature athlete Erden Eruç’s NFTs were introduced.

ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace introduced its new projects


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The new NFT collections of ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace, the NFT platform implemented by ICRYPEX, one of Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, were introduced. The event, attended by NFT artists, NFT investors, Nesin Foundation Board of Directors, Cumhuriyet Newspaper Executives, Erden Eruç and members of the press, took place at Zorlu PSM SKY Lounge.

Academic names of NFT and blockchain world Ebru Güven, Vedat Güven and Bora Erdamar shared information about NFT and blockchain world before the event. Referring to the development and future of the NFT and blockchain world, academics evaluated the sector before the event.

Three different NFT projects were introduced at the event, which started with the speeches of ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer. Foundation managers and Erden Eruç attended the event, where the details of future projects were shared with Nesin Foundation, Cumhuriyet Newspaper and Erden Eruç.

Expressing his views within the scope of the event ICRYPEX CEO‘su Gökalp İçer said, “We came together to bring you 3 new collections of ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace, which we announced with a launch in the past months. These NFT collections, which we will launch with a very valuable foundation, a historical newspaper and a record-breaking athlete, will create a great value.

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