What does Survivor Ümit Erdim have on his phone?

In our “What’s on your phone?” video series, this time our guest was Ümit Erdim, who participated in Survivor 2023. What is on Ümit Erdim’s phone in the video? We answered your question. The new and entertaining video of our beloved series is with you.

What’s on Ümit Erdim’s phone?

Hakkı Alkan met with Ümit Erdim at the SDN office. In the meeting, we looked at what happened on Erdim’s phone, whose box was opened in the SDN office, accompanied by a pleasant conversation. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado.


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Erdim, who uses very simple and functional applications, uses Google and Microsoft applications more often than Apple applications.

Ümit Erdim, who sincerely shows the applications on his phone in our video, cannot use some features because he does not even log in to iCloud. At the end of our video, we presented a few accessories from Mcdodo, which produces highly appreciated quality accessories in Turkey, to Ümit Erdim.

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