What Do These Codes Found On Every Car Window Actually Do?

Have you ever thought about what these codes in every car window actually tell? Let’s take a closer look at this small collection of information, which tells about many things, from the type of glass to which safety standards it passes.

Cars are vehicles that allow you to travel by keeping you in a safe area, unlike motorcycles. For this, there is a metal body made of solid posts on 4 wheels, and of course, there are windows installed so that you can see your surroundings. These glasses are produced in different structures compared to the glasses we use in our homes. Glasses specially produced to minimize damage in the event of an accident, for this they get some certificates. Have you ever wondered what the texts on the side of your car window mean?

There are various symbols, letters and numbers on the car windows. So what do these expressions mean? for you today We will explain what the codes on car windows mean. It is of vital importance to look at these codes, especially before buying a new car, to avoid any damage that may occur later.

What do the codes on car windows mean?

The windows we use in our cars, like many other things, have a certain with the standard of quality and use income. These codes on the glasses are also there to present this information. When we look at the codes on the glass, we see that many codes meet us.

These codes are usually initialized by car brand and It starts with the name of the glass manufacturer. Manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, AGC Automotive, SISECAM, DURACAM are among some well-known automobile glass manufacturers at this point. After these, we usually come across the type of glass. This part; offers us glass types such as laminated, tempered, multi-layered.

Symbols encoded with Roman numerals give information about the type of expanded glass.

Symbols encoded with Roman numerals provide us with very important information about car glass. You can find out the type of glass according to the Roman numeral. These types are:

car window code

  • I – Reinforced windshield
  • II – Standard multi-layer windshield
  • III – Machined multi-layer windshield
  • IV Plastic glass
  • V – Other windows with less than 70% light transmittance (except windshield)
  • VI – double glazing with light transmittance below 70%

Codes starting with the letter “E” provide us with country codes.

car window code

Codes that start with the letter “E” on the windshield followed by numbers define country codes. For example, the E1 code indicates that the glass is approved in Germany. The code for Turkey is 37. In other words, a glass with the E37 code is approved in Turkey.

M, AS and DOT codes indicate compliance with the US Department of Transportation standard.

car window code

According to these codes AS1 stands for compliance with US standards. AS2; While it can be anywhere except the windshield, the AS3 is prohibited from being installed in the vehicle.

It contains the ECE R43 code for the European safety standard.

car window code

What is written on each glass is different, because some only get approval from Europe, while others can get it from the USA. Sometimes both certificates may be obtained. Generally, cars in our country R43 We see the code. This code is for the windshield of your vehicle. Complies with European safety standards shows us.

The codes indicating compliance with Chinese safety standards are CCC E000199 and E000039.

car window code

Using these codes on the windows, you can see if the car has crashed.

car window code

It is necessary to be very careful not to be scammed, especially when buying a used vehicle. One of the ways to be careful is to look at the codes on car windows. If the brands and standards of car windows are different from the original, It is possible that he was involved in an accident before. Of course, the glass of the car can be changed even due to a small piece of stone coming to the driver’s side. These codes are also important when entering the examination. Vehicles with glass that do not meet certain standards may not pass inspection. For this reason, it is vital that you pay attention to the codes on the side of the windows when buying a car.

Today we explained to you what these little codes next to car windows mean. If you want more content like this, you can let us know in the comments section.

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