Whale’s Ethereum Values ​​Approached Half a Billion Dollars in 2 Weeks with Binance Acquisition!

The cryptocurrency whale, which has been prominent with Ethereum (ETH) purchases since the beginning of February, has taken action again.

Reported by on-chain analysis platform Spot On Chain to data According to the report, the Ethereum lover whale once again purchased a large amount.

The data shows that the whale, which became active on February 23, has been spotted in the last 24 hours. $2,950 at cost for 74 million dollarsat r value 25,104 ETH He revealed what he bought.

This whale, which is the subject of the news, along with its latest transactions, February 8 since date $2,829 at cost $391 million worth 138,070 Ethereum made the purchase. These purchases 99,538 ETH part of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, 38,531 ETH The part is decentralized exchange (DEX) 1inch realized through.

While these purchases of the whale reveal the obvious expectation of Ethereum to rise, the cryptocurrency market in general An Ethereum-centric buying pressure started to form.

In particular, the expectation that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may approve spot Ethereum exchange traded fund (ETF) applications next May has led whales to accelerate their Ethereum purchases again.

According to CoinGecko data, in the last 24 hours 2.8% Ethereum losing value at the time of writing from $2,926 is being traded.

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